2018 Biotechnology Awards

28 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 , MIP Diagnostics was founded in 2015 as a spin-out of the University of Leicester by several leading experts in the field, including Prof. Sergey Piletsky, in order to commercialise various forms of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs), sometimes called ‘plastic antibodies’. Antibodies are ubiquitous in life science research, with applications in diagnostics, sensing, assays, detection and separation. Yet, they have many disadvantages that researchers have become accustomed to and must work around – the need for a cold chain, instability, cost and timescale of development and use of animals in production. As such, an ideal solution would be an alternative that could be chemically synthesised, was cost effective and quick to develop and manufacture, that was stable BI180011 Best MIP Commercialisation Specialists - United Kingdom MIP Diagnostics Ltd, a spin-out of the University of Leicester, is commercialising a unique technology platform that promises to disrupt the life science researchmarket. We profile the firmand explore the unique solutions it is developing. for years and could tolerate extreme physical conditions, and could replace antibodies in all the above applications, without compromising on affinity or selectivity. This alternative could be used in conditions where antibodies could not: as environmental sensors or even in an organic solvent. MIP Diagnostics has achieved these goals with nanoMIPs – nanoscale Molecularly Imprinted Polymer particles, sometimes called “plastic antibodies”, which are prepared via a proprietary imprinting process involving self-assembly of binding monomers around a target. With all the positive attributes of antibodies but none of the disadvantages, MIP Diagnostics’ disruptive technology platform will revolutionise life science research. In just over 2 years since launch, the company has secured business with a range of global blue-chip clients, and has already gained repeat business. Clients are working with MIP Diagnostics in a range of application areas, from virus identification to diagnostic kits and bioanalysis, and including applications in the petrochemical industry that would be far beyond the scope of antibodies. The company’s technology is protected by a strong IP portfolio and is unique in the market in being applicable to a broad range of targets, further enhancing its’ diversity of application. The R&D team has significant expertise in developing nanoMIPs and is also well-versed in how the nanoMIPs are used. They understand customers’ needs - essential when translating innovative research into a commercial product. A proactive mindset and can-do culture also prevail in the Commercial team, which is led by senior managers with decades of experience in the life science industry. Driven by its current success, recently MIP Diagnostics has also attracted a significant second round of investment to support further growth, and plans to move to new R&D facilities in 2018 and to double head count, recruiting additional experienced R&D and commercial staff to grow its business. This growth is driven by Dr Adrian Kinkaid, an experienced and charismatic bio- industry executive who is aware from his work in the antibody industry of the commercial potential for MIP Diagnostics. Commenting on the developments, Adrian was proud of the success the firm has achieved so far and believes that it can go even further over the coming year. “Overall, 2018 will be an exciting year for the industry and especially so for MIP Diagnostics as we continue to bring our novel technology to our customers around the world.” Company: MIP Diagnostics Ltd Contact: Adrian Kinkaid Address: University of Leicester, Enterprise and Business Development, Fielding Johnson Building, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK Phone: 0843 289 1703 Website: www.mip-dx.com

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