2018 Biotechnology Awards

32 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 , Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in the market, today QED Scientific is an established manufacturer of warming cabinets such as fluid, blanket, and contrast media. Ann provides us with more detail on the firm and the range of services it offers. “Here at QED Scientific, we supply an extensive range of medical equipment as well as equipment for pharmaceutical quality control and general laboratories. One of our specialities is in patient warming care. We design and build fluid and blanket warming cabinets in any size and capacity including BI180019 Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Compliance & Quality Project: CRT Storage Cabinets QED Scientific is a well-established UK based company supplying patient warming equipment to the NHS and private hospitals. We caught up with AnnWaters to find out more and explore the secrets behind the firm’s success. combined units offering a cost- effective and space-saving solution to patient warming in operating theatres. “What sets us apart is that at QED Scientific we offer a bespoke service and solutions for our customers. For example, we often receive requests from NHS hospital staff for custom made fluid warming cabinets e.g. to accommodate a required number of bottles. If a warming cabinet is required for a small department with limited space we will build one that fits.” Over the years QED Scientific has remained committed to its mission: to be ahead of upcoming demands for biologics/pharma as this opens doors for new innovations to manufacture new technologies such as: to accommodate the demand for adequate storage solutions for these products. Ann and her team have found that research is fundamental to resolving issues surrounding the safety and efficacy of biological products. She discusses one of the firm’s latest insights and how it is helping to change the overall market with its discoveries. “In 2014 I discovered a gap in the Market for controlled room temperature cabinets. I was developing a new website for the company at the time and before tackling the process of optimizing a website, a means of understanding your customer’s needs requires quality business intelligence (market research). Prior to putting my idea for the new product to the director I carried out market research to test the concept and its potential commercially on the marketplace. I contacted healthcare providers regarding 25 ° C pharmaceutical storage, and issues surrounding an adequate storage solution was clearly evident. “Based on my research it become apparent that approximately one-third of all medicines manufactured in Europe and the United States are now being tested and labelled for storage at ‘controlled room temperature (CRT)’, mostly in the range of 15 ° C to 25 ° C for the UK. Stability tests on pharmaceuticals show that they can lose their potency and efficacy when stored at inappropriate temperatures and this realisation has prompted a revision in drug labelling and regulatory guidelines. CRT has become an important temperature range as it replaced previously used terms such as ‘ambient’ and ‘room’ temperature. These terms are now considered ambiguous given the fact that temperatures can fluctuate due to varying factors such as air, humidity, and the external environment. “The project led to the development of a storage cabinet for storing pharmaceuticals under CRT conditions. Stability studies conclude that chilling certain medicines inhibits their effectiveness; and which led to reclassification and the inclusion of ‘Do Not Refrigerate’ to the labelling of these drugs. The design and development of a CRT cabinet that maintains the specified temperature range, combined with data logging and transfer for permanent archiving and evidence of temperature storage conditions has provided the market with a cost-effective solution to both achieving regulatory guidelines and a significant reduction in the destruction of medicines considered unfit for purpose. Today, CRT storage of pharmaceuticals only exists at the start of the supply chain, (distribution). The development of the CRT Storage Cabinet will Ann Waters

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