2018 Biotechnology Awards

38 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 , Drawing on almost three decades’ worth of experience, Wickel & Co. ® have been producing winding sets and other accessories for a simple and technically correct application - made from only natural raw materials of first-class quality. Enthusiasm and a great fascination for the healing powers of nature were the driving force for the company’s founder Ursula Uhlemayr when she first began exploring creating her products. Ursula gave many lectures and seminars recognizing that the seminar participants have a great interest in and fascination of the healing powers of natural medicine. However, she found that the necessary natural materials of the appropriate size and quality were often missing in many households, therefore she founded Wickel & Co.® Today the firm offers a vast array of wraps and pads for a variety of applications. These include preventative, detoxifying wraps, natural remedies such as beeswax wraps for coughs and colds, as well as therapies such as ear compresses for earache and calf wraps for fever. These BI180022 Best High-Quality Medical Wraps Provider - Germany For more than 25 yearsWickel & Co. ®GmbHhas been amanufacturer of high quality natural health products utilising the very best materials to ensure the safety and comfort of their clients. We profile the firm to explore how it came to achieve the phenomenal success that it enjoys today. wraps can be applied to almost every part of the body and used on patients of all ages, allowing safe and natural support. These innovative health products are predominantly provided to pharmacies and specialist trade, although business partners of Wickel & Co have an internet- mail-order-business to supply the products directly to clients. The firm also have a seminar offer to gain knowledge about the right use and provide books to deepen knowledge. When the firm first started, the application of wraps was more complicated and the appropriate materials for wraps were missing. The innovation of Wickel & Co. ® is the development of wraps to establish a better handling and to provide high quality for the efficacy of wraps. Thanks to Wickel & Co®’s focus on education, today the wraps are popular with every age group starting with babies through to the elderly. As such the firm has a wide customer base comprising of young families, sportspeople and older people with chronic complaints who want an effective, natural and traditionally established way of recovery. Wickel & Co®’s wraps relieve pain in a gentle, natural way and provide security and well-being. The myriad of uses that the products have has led to the firm Bees Wax Wrap

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