2018 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 41 firm’s wraps are also sustainable, and therefore help to keep the planet healthy as well. Produced in Germany, the raw materials are produced just nearby in Germany or Austria, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint for the product. The entire production process is completely controlled in-house, starting with a careful selection of materials, high quality workmanship and a conscientious quality control to ensure excellence, reliability and sustainability for clients, as well as full accountability and quality control for the firm itself. To support the firm’s continued growth, over the years Ursula and her dedicated team have remained committed to teaching clients and healthcare practitioners the benefits of the firm’s products, through seminars, lectures and published works. Supported by the enthusiasm for naturopathy, Ursula Uhlemayr wrote her first book Wickel & Co., Tried and Rediscovered, which was published by a well-known publishing house in 1997. Soon there was a Spanish translation of the title and a Hungarian translation followed. In 2000, she founded her own publishing house, the Urs-Verlag, from which the successful title Wickel & Co., Bärenstarke home remedies for children (currently on its 24th edition) and the vein counsellor with Dr. med. Hildebrandt were published. In 2015 a new guide was published by the German pharmacists’ publisher entitled “Wickel und Auflagen – Beratung, Auswahl und Anwendung” “Wickel and pads – Advice, Selection and Application”, written by Ursula Uhlemayr and the specialised pharmacist Dietmar Wolz. Looking to the future, Wickel & Co® plans to continue to promote the natural therapeutic benefits of its solutions through seminars and lectures, particularly focusing on specific groups such as paediatricians, naturopaths, physiotherapists and pharmacists. This will offer the firm many exciting opportunities to grow and work with new clients, which Ursula and her team are keen to take advantage of.

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