2018 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 45 Company: Pinnacle Trials, Inc. ® Contact: Robert Robbins, MSW, CCRC Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 3626 Buford Highway, Suite B3, Atlanta, GA, 30329, USA Phone: 404 929 6774 Web Address: www.trypinnacle.com key processes and unique requirements for each protocol. We incorporate our Standard Operating Procedures training into the established training programs for every new protocol at our site. This ensures Good Clinical Practice is at the forefront of our studies and keeps our staff up to date on any new changes in the regulations and guidelines. Today this is particularly relevant to the recent implementation of ICH E6 (R2). Our documentation includes who was trained by whom, when and through what specific medium, and that the training occurred prior to study initiation.” Robert concludes, “experience and expertise are the foundation of our success.” Pinnacle Trials, Inc. Best Multi-Speciality Clinical Research Network 2018 - USA Biotechnology Awards 2018 Winner

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