2018 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 49 , SCHOTT has more than 130 years of outstanding materials and technology expertise. Quality is one of the most important aspects in the pharma industry. In regards to primary packaging, the quality begins with the glass tubing production itself. SCHOTT pushes towards a zero-defect philosophy in pharmaceutical glass tubing production with its production quality process perfeXion™. This big data approach allows 100 % in-line inspection with the help of lasers, cameras and infrared systems. This achievement significantly improves the monitoring of quality parameters, which was previously done by random sample selection, and contributes to ensuring patient safety from the very beginning of the value chain. An integrated IT system allocates imperfections with such precision that it can later differentiate corresponding individual tubes, which can then be discarded. The collected data enables SCHOTT to optimize its production continually. With this excellent raw material as a basis, SCHOTT develops a broad range of parenteral packaging solutions to fit the individual needs of literally any drug and application. For example, the development of highly delamination withstanding Type I glass vials known as Best Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Suppliers 2018 Best Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Suppliers 2018 SCHOTT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of parenteral packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. We profile the firm to find out more. SCHOTT Vials DC (Delamination Controlled), or a range of coatings for e.g. SCHOTT TopLyo® vials, which are optimized for lyophilized drug products, or SCHOTT Cartridges BR (Breakage Resistance), which offer exceptional protection for very expensive or toxic drugs. Although exceptional solutions are vital, as in any market client service is also vital for pharmaceutical firms. As such, SCHOTT works hand-in-hand with its partners to develop innovations and a continuous dialogue with the respective customers and partners ensures that their current and future needs are met. One of the BI180009 most important aspects of the firm’s success is its close and longstanding partnerships with its customers and the concept of supplier-enabled innovation. It defines that the earlier pharma companies, packaging suppliers, machine vendors and elastomer component suppliers come together to discuss upcoming innovations, solutions and products, the better. Normally this happens in clinical phase II at the latest, but with SCHOTT it happens much earlier. Looking to the future, the pharma industry is going through rapid changes, especially with regards to new, highly sensitive biotech solutions and therapies that are in the pipeline, e.g. biologics, gene and cell therapies. As these changes come with new possibilities, SCHOTT is determined to further advance the industry through close collaboration with current and new customers and partners. Company: SCHOTT AG Contact: Bjorn Weller Address: Hattenbergstr. 10, 55122, Mainz, Germany Phone: 0049 06131 66 1617

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