2018 Biotechnology Awards

50 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 , Established in 2010, Sphere is a UK- based SME that is commercialising novel services and proprietary single cell analysis systems for therapeutic discovery. The firm’s products were defined by matching the technical fit of its technology, patents and key applications as assessed by primary market research. Frank discusses the unique features which make the firm so popular with clients, who include pharmaceutical companies, CMOs, and biotechnical organisations. “Here at Sphere Fluidics, we have identified several major or emerging markets and created a unique market positioning with highly innovative products. The latter are protected by a patent portfolio of 74 patents and 16 trademarks, and we aim to ensure patent freedom to operate.” Over the last 10 years, there has been a major shift in the pharmaceutical industry towards biopharmaceuticals and cell therapies. For such new therapies to be developed, there is in urgent need of new ultra- high throughput technologies capable of precise manipulation of large numbers of single cells. As such, Sphere remains dedicated to innovating and BI180007 Most Innovative Single Cell Analysis Platform: ESI-Mine™ Sphere Fluidics Limited is an established life sciences tools company that produces novel services and product for biopharmaceutical discovery.We spoke to Frank F. Craig to learnmore about the firmand the range of solutions it offers. adapting to ensure its solutions meet its clients’ needs, Frank concludes. “Within our market currently, there is undoubtedly a drive to reduce costs via miniaturisation. By developing single cell analysis platforms, such as ESI-Mine™ we are already well-positioned to benefit from such trends. Additionally, the market is moving away from ‘small molecules’ to cell and gene therapies. In our pipeline, we have two projects on Company: Sphere Fluidics Limited Contact: Frank F. Craig Address: The Jonas Webb Building, Babraham Research Campus, Babraham, Cambridge, CB22 3AT, UK Phone: +44 7805 659566 Web Address: www.spherefluidics.com developing novel T-cell therapies and engineering cells using precise genome editing with our novel microfluidic and single cell analysis technology. Alongside this, we are now further developing ESI-Mine™ and this is planned to become a major platform for the pharmaceutical and synthetic biology markets. These developments will provide us with many exciting opportunities for further growth, to which we look forward to maximising our advantage.” Sphere Fluidics ESI-Mine

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