2018 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 51 , Established in 2013, today Syngulon is developing original genetic technologies to improve the efficiency of microorganisms (also called microrefineries) involved in industrial bioproduction. Recently, the development of microbial bio-based products has emerged. These new applications require deep genetic engineering (also called Synthetic Biology) of industrial microbial genomes to achieve high production yield and improve compatibility with the environment due to production in (semi-) open plants. To ensure the preservation of this work and a successful outcome, Syngulon has filed two patents over recent years, the first of which was issued in 2016, and is US Patent 9,333,227: Controlled growth of microorganisms. The patent is pending in other regions. This patent describes the use of bacteriocins and immunity genes to control microbial strains in fermentation. The action of bacteriocins secreted in the medium act against contaminants (not controlled bacteria coming from outside of the fermentation plan) or against the microorganisms that have genetically drifted from the producing strain. One preferred way of using this technology is to apply it as a self-supporting vectorial system to select for vectorial plasmid transformation and maintenance. BI180013 Best Microbial Fermentation Technology Company 2018 Syngulon is an innovative, Belgiumbasedfirmwhosemission is to provide genetic technologies in order tomakemicrobial strains involved in industrial processmore efficient and safe.We profile the firmto find outmore about the fascinatingwork it undertakes in this vital space. Secondly, the firm filed United States Patent Application 20160213005: Controlled growth of microorganisms, also in 2016. This Divisional application of US Patent 9,333,227 describes a method of fermentation in which a microbial strain is used to produce a product of interest. The microbial strain is engineered not only to produce the industrial product it also includes a genetic circuit based on bacteriocins elements. These bacteriocins are secreted in the fermentation medium to control (limit their negative effect on the production) of both microbial contaminants and individuals strains that may arise by genetic drifting of the production strain. This Divisional application discloses for the first time a production strain optimizing the production by changing the medium. In addition to US Patent 9,333,227 and the Disional application, the firm have two other patent applications that have been filed in 2017 about “Methods and compositions for making bacteriocin” and about “Fermentation process” (this last one is co-owned with Université libre de Bruxelles). These patents offer the firm the chance to drive innovation in this underexplored area of genetic technologies, and looking forward Syngulon will continue to conduct its work to the highest possible standard. Company: Syngulon SA Contact: Guy Helin Address: Rue du Bois Saint-Jean 15/1, B-4102 Seraing, Belgium Phone: 00 32 4 290 55 45 Website: www.syngulon.com microbial tests

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