2019 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards 11 , Krishgen Biosystems Best Drug Discovery Research Products Manufacturer 2019 Jan19261 Leveraging its distribution strength with over 70 plus partners, Krishgen has developed the skill sets to focus on developing unique products to help scientists. With leading clients including NIH, USA, Singapore University, Beijing University, China AIIMS, India, major pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial organizations and Krishgen Biosystems India is a privately setup firm in India with a clear focus on life sciences research. Its mandate is to sell, manufacture and distribute life sciences research, agriculture, plant, cosmetic kits and reagents in South East Asia with a strong emphasis on biotechnology, as we found out whenwe profile it to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. universities, the company focuses on offering quality and value. Being based in India has offered Krishgen with many exciting opportunities, as Asia Pacific is the hub of new manufacturing operations for pharmaceuticals, especially India and China. As this region evolves and becomes more competent there is increasing amount of spend on R&D. This acts as a catalyst to work and offer cutting-edge products with new techniques, and as such Krishgen is able to drive even greater focus towards it vital work and gain the resources required to then create innovative new solutions. The ever-evolving and continually growing Indian biopharmaceutical industry has placed Krishgen in a unique position to offer cutting edge research products to cater to this segment. Recently, Krishgen has recently taken up the challenge to offer the only kit worldwide to diagnose the Nipah virus. The outbreak of Nipah virus in South India in early 2018 was a prodding point for them. Alongside this, Krishgen is focused on diabetes and developing assays to offer better patient management for insulin analogs and insulin agonists. Thanks to its research program and capabilities, the company is now able to offer clients diagnostic assays for measuring the patient level of this new anti- cancer drugs. Over the next coming years, as the company focus shifts towards new therapies involving gene therapy, the market will change, and new treatments will be based around this, and as such Krishgen aims to be at the forefront of the emerging market developments to come. Looking ahead, Krishgen is now focusing on increasing its distribution reach worldwide, whilst they continue to research new emerging technologies for gene therapy and immuno-therapy, so that it can remain an innovator in the drug discovery space. Contact Details: Company: Krishgen Biosystems Name: Dr Kalpesh Jain Address: Unit Nos#318/319, Shah & Nahar, Off Dr Em Moses Road, Mumbai 400 018., India. Telephone Number: +91-22-49198700 Web Address: www.krishgen.com

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