2019 Biotechnology Awards

12 GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards , Biopharma Group Biopharma Group: Best Biotechnology Equipment Supplier - UK & Ireland Part of Biopharma Group, Biopharma Process Systems (BPS) draws on the group’s vast industry experience to provide its clients with innovative freeze drying equipment. As part of our overviewof a selection of the winners from this year’s Biotechnology Awards we profile the firm to find out more about the secrets behind the success it has gained over its 30 year history. Jan19231 Established in 1989, BPS was originally designed to supply freeze drying equipment to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries throughout the UK and Ireland. Thanks to its innovative, adaptive approach and dedication to excellence, the firm fast became one of the leading suppliers. Over the past 30 years, the product ranges have expanded to meet the needs of the firm’s valued customers, and today it includes a wide variety of solutions including freeze dryers from SP Scientific and Cuddon Freeze Dry; the Genevac solvent removal and centrifugal evaporation ranges; Avestin high pressure homogenisers; PennTech aseptic processing lines including vial washers and sterilisation tunnels; as well as volumetirc powder fillers that are from the Kinematics and Controls Corp. Having recently enhanced its service offering, BPS has been able to adapt around the ever- evolving needs of its clients, and as such its core customers for the equipment and technical servicing team still predominantly come from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Additionally, the firm has recently seen an increased demand for freeze drying, homogenisation, solvent removal equipment from the food production, pet food, and nutraceuticals industries. Dedicated to providing its clients with the highest possible standard of service, support and products, the entire group’s mission is to meet the precise needs of our customers’ projects appropriate to the size and stage of the project. From purchasing capital equipment through to R&D consultancy, full cycle development or training courses, the group’s philosophy is to augment its customers in-house expertise and work together to make each project a success. Having such a customer-centric ethos and culture is what drives the BPS team and this has helped drive the entire group to success. Working collaboratively with clients, they are able to understand their needs and can provide products and solutions to meet them. It was this innovative approach that has led the group from one firm focusing on freeze drying devices to dedicated divisions in the UK, Ireland, France and USA to become a multi-product, multi-services customer-centric organisation that continues to adapt and be more flexible in its approach to offering the industries it serves with what they need. Ultimately, over the past three decades adaptability to meet the needs of the industries it works with has been key to driving Biopharma Group’s success, therefore looking to the future, the entire group, including BPS, will remain dedicated to adapting to industry developments and enhancing its product ranges accordingly. A perfect example of this is the addition of the Faster air safety range to BPS’s portfolio and the expansion of its new products development team, who continue to look at ways in which to develop analytical instruments to streamline and ease the lives of those that work in industries utilising freeze drying technology. These developments will help drive the entire group to a even greater success over the years to come.

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