2019 Biotechnology Awards

14 GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards , Bioquell Bioquell: Best Biodecontamination Systems Supplier 2019 Thanks to its wealth of industry experience, Bioquell is a world leader in providing hydrogen peroxide decontamination equipment and services into the healthcare, life sciences, food production and defence sectors. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Biotechnology Awards we profile the firmand explore the secrets behind its success. Led by advances in its unique Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour technology, Bioquell is a leading supplier of biodecontamination systems and modular isolator offerings. With offices spanning the globe, the firm is able to provide solutions, systems, technical services and customer support to six continents in the life sciences and healthcare industries. As a result of the firm’s unique Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour technology, range of scalable systems, high-quality consumables and expert services, Bioquell’s clients can work more productively, manage risks to their patients or workspaces, and reduce operating costs at the same time. The firm’s focus is on protecting its clients’ work from biological contaminants by providing solutions that eliminate problematic bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and more. As such, Bioquell provides each and every client with premium systems and services, and the firm’s current manufacturing process has now implemented a quality- management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. As part of Bioquell’s continual commitment to improve processes and help drive internal quality management, the company has expanded its quality expertise outside of the normal constraints of a traditional ‘quality assurance’ function. This ensures that clients receive only the best support and technology when they work with this innovative company. Ultimately, Bioquell’s mission is to deliver innovative, industry- leading systems supported by world-class customer service to provide secure operational environments and to enable the manufacturing of safe products. This will remain the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future. Contact Details: Company: Bioquell Website: www.bioquell.com

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