2019 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards 15 , BioPharma Services Inc. Best Full-Service CRO - North America Jan19483 Founded in 2006, BioPharma was created by two surgeons dedicated to advancing medical science to improve the life and spirit of their patients. With this same dedication and vision in mind, these physicians brought life to BioPharma. Through each success, the perpetual drive to make BioPharma great has been determined by the will and dedication of its people. The will to empower their colleagues, friends and teammates to excel in all facets of clinical research and inspire performance to achieve greatness. Today, BioPharma offers clients a full-service, in-house clinical trial capabilities supporting drug submissions to all major international regulatory bodies. With creative methodologies and innovative early stage clinical development plans from generic BioPharma Services Inc. is a full-service Contract ResearchOrganization (CRO) specializing in Phase I/IIa as well as Bioequivalence clinical trials with research facilities in Toronto, Canada and Columbia, Missouri. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its phenomenal success. equivalents to novel chemical entities, BioPharma has executed successfully the First in Human, SAD/MAD, Human Abuse Potential, Alcohol/Drug and Drug-Drug Interaction studies for leading pharmaceutical clients. Additionally, the firm offers in- house, GLP preclinical and clinical bioanalytical services, featuring LC-MS/MS technology, at its Toronto facility. Successfully inspected by all the major regulatory bodies, the firm is dedicated to maintaining and building long lasting relationships with its global clients through superior quality service, timely and reliable research results. In a highly regulated industry that is governed by the international quality standards of GCP and GLP, quality is paramount, and as such the team at BioPharma work tirelessly to ensure that their process, quality and governance never falters. Adhering to the principles set forth by the ICH, BioPharma’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety standards is supported by the firm’s history of regulatory inspections which spans across markets. They include routine regulatory inspections by the US FDA, UK MHRA, ANSM, DKMA, ANVISA, Health Canada, World Health Organization and also a GLP certification by the Standards Council of Canada. Looking to the future, BioPharma will continue to focus on providing its clients with quality, compliant support and services that will meet their needs and drive the firm’s innovation within the global pharmaceuticals and biotechnology markets. Contact Details: Company: BioPharma Services Inc. Contact: Anna Taylor, Executive Vice President Business Development Email: [email protected] Website: www.biopharmaservices.com

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