2019 Biotechnology Awards

18 GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards , Biosensing Instrument Biosensing Instrument: Best Global Life Science Instruments Supplier 2019 & Recognised Leaders in Surface Plasmon Resonance Systems 2019 Biosensing Instrument Inc (BI) is a global life science instrument supplier of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) systems that are widely used in the drug discovery pharma and academic research labs to study biophysical characterization of proteins and drugmolecules. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s Biotechnology Awards we profile it to learnmore about the secrets behind its phenomenal success. Since inception, BI’s innovative SPR instruments have been used in a variety of areas across the life sciences market including drug discovery, antibody characterization, biosensors and electrochemistry for the use of measurement of affinity and the kinetics of small biomolecules and cell membrane, protein-protein or protein-antibody interactions and biomolecule concentration measurements. Their unique solutions meet the needs of clients thanks to their innovative designs and exceptional applications support. BI recently introduced SPR Microscopy (SPRM), an exciting and non- invasive technology that combines SPR and optical microscopy technology to measure the drug efficacy of membrane proteins of whole cells, label-free, in real- time, and in vitro . As cell membrane proteins constitute the targets of >50% of FDA-approved drugs, early drug discover pharma labs need tools that characterize the properties between these new drug molecules and the cell membrane proteins. Existing solutions require extraction of membrane proteins from the cell, a notoriously challenging process. In addition, preserving the integrity of these membrane proteins outside their cellular environment is difficult thus, the measured data with these denatured proteins is inaccurate. The SPRM system, SPRm 200, allows measuring cell membrane protein interaction at its active site, which provides the vital insight into the effectiveness of a drug. This game-changing instrument, applauded by customers and competitors, provides more relevant data to the early drug discovery researchers as these interaction measurements are done in vitro . BI also offers the BI-2500 and BI-4500, SPR systems that implement significant advancements in microfluidics and instrument design to bring the advantages of an open architecture and high throughput to end users.The advanced open architecture brings innovative benefits to researchers. The interchangeable analysis modules expand the traditional SPR application frontiers by combining SPR technology with its electrochemistry (EC-SPR) or chemical vapor sensing (Gas- SPR). Studies of conformational changes in proteins as well as the unprecedented utility for many applications such as point-of-care biosensors, material science and food/environmental safety research are now possible thanks to these analysis modules. BI’s success not only comes from introducing innovative products to the market but also their accomplishment is measured by the continued loyalty of their customers. BI’s support organizations and their worldwide sales distribution channel have been delivering professional and exceptional services to their users to build these loyal customers and a long-lasting brand. Looking ahead, the BI’s team will continue to focus on driving their innovative solutions to even greater success and adapting them to meet the needs of an even more diverse array of clients throughout the life sciences market. Contact Details: Company: Biosensing Instrument Contact: Akemi Ueki Website: biosensingusa.com Biosensing Instrument new and exciting cell-based SPR Microscopy, SPRm 200

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