2019 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards 19 , Nanollose Leading Innovators in Nanocellulose Technologies 2019 & Most Sustainable Textile Solution: Nullarbor Fibre™ Jan19566 Established in 2014, Nanollose Ltd is an Australian based biotechnology company advancing innovative technologies relating to the production, processing and applications of microbial cellulose. Nanollose’s materials are based on cellulose, a natural polymer which is the basis of cotton and linen textiles, and also used to produce a range of regenerated Nanollose is an innovative company that is using advanced cellulose technologies to generate new and improved fibres and other materials in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. As part of our overview of the winners from this year’s Biotechnology Awards we profile the firm to find out more. fibres and films such as rayon and cellophane. Traditionally, cellulose has been obtained from trees and other plant-based sources such as cotton and flax. These sources require considerable agricultural land and inputs putting pressure on natural resources. By contrast, Nanollose uses a process that creates microbial cellulose from industrial organic and agricultural waste, which is then transformed into rayon fibres with minimal environmental impact. The process doesn’t involve the felling of trees or require the use of arable land or its associated use of irrigation, pesticides and other resource intensive inputs. The firm’s flagship product, Nullarbor fibre, is a world first sustainable Tree-Free Rayon fibre derived using microbes that convert waste products into microbial cellulose. The process takes less than one month and requires very little land, water or energy. Recently the company created the first wearable garment with their Nullarbor fibre using standard industrial equipment. This is a drastic departure from clothing made from traditional rayon fibre that comes from wood pulp and this has a harmful chemical process. Creating the garment was the last significant step in Nanollose’s journey from industrial waste-to- garment development and the firm provides a tangible illustration that the Company’s technology could offer a commercially viable, eco- friendly manufacturing solution for the clothing industry who are urgently seeking out alternatives to rayon and cotton fibres. Looking to the future, Nanollose will continue to innovate and adapt its solutions to remain a key player in today’s burgeoning sustainable textiles space. Contact Details: Company: Nanollose | Contact: Michael Wills Website: nanollose.com Nanollose Garment: © Nanollose Fabric made from Nullabor Fibre: © Nanollose

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