2019 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards 23 , AquiSense Technologies AquiSense Technologies: Best Water Disinfection Technology Provider 2019 - USA Feb19293 AquiSense is focused on providing clean water, air, and surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals or hazardous materials. The company offers this through the use of Ultraviolet light in a confined and safe space where the light is only effective to the bacteria in their systems. Other alternatives for disinfection are chemicals which are known to be harmful in unsafe doses or frequent exposure and conventional UV lamps which contain mercury. AquiSense’s expert team has been part of the conventional UV industry for several years and recognized that LEDs are the future of disinfection. While developing its unique products for its valued customers, AquiSense has been able to redefine the UV industry with the smallest UV system in the world. This technology allows for disinfection directly at the point of consumption; something that was previously not a reality. A pioneer in the industry, the firm unveiled the first prototype UV LED system in 2012 and the first commerical product was released in 2015. The company was also the first to release a small- footprint, embeddable system. AquiSense is the only UV LED provider with continuous Thanks to its patented technology, vast industry experience and global reach, AquiSense Technologies is the world’s largest supplier of Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes (UV LEDs) based water disinfection products. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Biotechnology Awards we profile the firmand provide an insight into the driving factors behind its fantastic success. large-scale orders and we have contracts with some of the largest corporations in the world. Beyond its manufacturing and design abilities, the company’s internal research and knowledge unparalleled. AquiSense has the most advanced and long- running UV LED measured lab in the world that has tested more UV LEDs in a variety of specifications than anyone else. As a result, today the firm works on several projects across the UV LED market, including the BIOWYSE Consortium, a Horizon 2020 project that is studying water disinfection for the International Space Station (ISS). The company also provides its innovative disinfection technology to a sector of the food safety market with the installation of its products in steam ovens to disinfection the steam before it comes in contact with the food. Over recent years the UV industry has been growing rapidly, as it has been involved in large municipality projects, down to residential installations . The real benefit to UV LED products is that no other UV technology can imitate the properties of LEDs. Similar to the shift from tube TVs and monitors to flat screens, the UV disinfection market is seeing a shift from the analog to digital. AquiSense sees UV LED as a creative technology instead of a disruptive. The majority of the firm’s product success has to do with installations where disinfection was not previously possible, and looking ahead the firm believes there will be even greater adaptation of its technology as industries and companies come to realise the benefits. Seeking to capitalise on this growth in the UV LED market, AquiSense will continue to enhance its product offering to build upon its current success. As UV LEDs continue to improve in their light output efficiency and their price drops it will make the evitability of this process even more apparent. AquiSense plans to develop new disinfection products for new markets across the globe as this technology advances to support a wider range of clients over the coming years. Contact Details: Company: AquiSense Technologies Name: Oliver Lawal Address: 4400 Olympic Blvd Telephone Number: +1.859.869.4700

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