2019 Biotechnology Awards

4 GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards , MMS Holdings MMS Holdings: Most Outstanding Global CRO 2019 MMS Holdings is an award-winning, data-focused contract research organization (CRO) that supports the pharmaceutical, biotech, andmedical device industries with a proven, scientific approach to complex trial data and regulatory submission challenges. As part of our overview of this year’s Biotechnology Awards we profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its phenomenal success. Jan19216 Originally established as a data-focused CRO, MMS has maintained its core vision and their values since it’s inception. In its learning management system, MMS has more than 750 trainings that were developed in house. In the past five years, the company has submitted more than 50 brand new drug applications (NDAs) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company has offices and colleagues spanning four continents, with more than 600 full-time colleagues and technical specialists. This started with one woman, Dr. Uma Sharma. Thirteen years ago, what started as a small, one- person venture has now grown to be a company that’s sized like it has been around for 50 years. Her positivity, visionary leadership, and philosophy on life form the narrative as to why the company has been so successful. Based in Canton, Michigan, which is halfway between the emerging tech hubs of Ann Arbor and Detroit, MMS has used its strategic location to ensure its success from the beginning. When Pfizer closed their doors in Ann Arbor in 2006, Dr. Sharma went from a clinical lead to a consultant, supporting projects for various clients as an individual contributor. She was then quickly approached by former team members enquiring how they could support her efforts, wanting to work for her again. The timing was flawless, and slowly the new team grew. Since then, MMS has grown into a global powerhouse with hundreds of colleagues across North America, Europe, India, and South Africa, using only organic methods. Today, she uses an entrepreneurial mindset to encourage every colleague to “pay it forward” and help the team grow across sites and continents. The closure of the Pfizer site was motivation, and it did not deter her from moving forward doing what she loves – helping to bring life changing therapies to patients worldwide. Working alongside a wide range of clients, MMS now draws on a decade plus experience of various global colleagues to support leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as many smaller enterprises across our spectrum of services. A retention rate of greater than 93 percent globally allows for continuity in expertise and efficiency. Having completed more than 50 submissions for drug approval over the last five years, the firm remains a top choice for sponsors who are looking for innovation and demand high quality from their CRO partners. Strong industry experience and a data-driven approach to drug development make MMS a valuable CRO partner, creating compelling submissions that meet rigorous regulatory standards. Over the years, the firm has embraced regulatory changes globally and invested in colleague training and technology to better support sponsors as our industry evolves. MMS has been a pioneer in several key services, forging the way in Policy 0070 and other key transparency initiatives, leadership within organizations such as PhUSE, and their plain lay summary programs. Since the beginning, MMS has established and maintained international quality certifications across all sites, allowing us to become leaders as a data CRO. With new regulations in effect, such as the GDPR, MMS easily

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