2019 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards 7 g MMS Holdings Contact Details: Company: MMS Holdings Name: Donald McLean Address: 6880 Commerce Blvd, Canton, MI 48187 USA Telephone Number: 7342450165 Web Address: www.mmsholdings.com and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory aims to significantly shorten the approval process for pharmaceutical and health care groups globally. The team aims to leverage real- world evidence, observational data generated during routine clinical practice, and patient the health care databases to augment label claims and/or support new drug applications with it’s leading- edge software and algorithms and a depth of regulatory and clinical experience. To cut down on the number of required clinical trials, the team compares effectiveness claims for similar drugs in development, examines available evidence from existing data, assesses available treatments, identifies treatment gaps, and evaluates patient risks. Then, to process all of these data, the team relies on Julia, an MIT- incubated programming language designed to solve massive computational problems quickly and accurately, and the use of real-world evidence. This approach is innovative and will help MMS to remain at the forefront of emerging industry developments and to drive positive change in the development of new initiatives and treatments. Thanks to this development and many others, the future looks bright and exciting for MMS. The efforts and proactive decisions that the company is making today will allow it to be at the forefront of delivering strategic new solutions for its clients globally, specifically in the areas of data sciences and with regulatory submissions. These decisions include blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and other technology platforms; an area that the wider healthcare industry must embrace to continue on pace for the next generation of drug development. Clinical trial transparency and the use of Real World Evidence (RWE) are two key areas where MMS is set to make a lasting contribution to the clinical research community and help the industry utilize their dollars spent in a most efficient manner. At the same time, planned work will continue with more successful projects and submissions of new drugs to be approved for a multitude of indications. Finally, MMS is at a place where with the combined work of our global colleagues we have made an impact by giving back to the communities which they support – allocating in excess of $250,000 worth of colleague time this past year. MMS and its Founder Dr. Sharma firmly believe that the firm can and will set an example of how a self-sufficient global organization with the right attitude and mindset can forge scientific, technical, and community relationships, bringing joy to its work while at the same time also making a difference in the lives of patients worldwide.

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