2019 Biotechnology Awards

GHP / 2019 Biotechnology Awards 9 g InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. Tinnitus, Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Central Auditory Processing Disorders, Dizziness, Vertigo, Balance Disorders, and Meniere’s Disease. This gives InnerScope the exclusive worldwide rights for all designs and to commercially distribute any newly developed Erchonia 3LT lasers, related technologies and other methods to be used to treat all types of Hearing Disorders. Looking to the future, InnerScope will continue to disrupt the current $10 billion-dollar global hearing aid market with the launching of its Direct-to-Consumer Smartphone user controlled “Self-Fitting” Hearing Aids to Walmart and other Global Big Box Retailers. This and other upcoming developments will ensure that the firm remains able to offer its valued clients the highest possible quality of products at affordable prices over the many years ahead. Contact Details: Company: InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. Name: Matthew Moore Address: 2151 Professional Drive, 2nd Floor, Roseville, CA. 95661 Telephone Number: (916)218-4100 Web Address: innd.com & Email: [email protected] “Helping people hear better.” Alpha 3 Hearing Aid

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