Biotechnology Awards 2020

10 GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards , Feb20484 Founded with the goal of developing solutions for the detection of lung cancer, ProLung is focused on testing and commercialising predictive cancer analytics utilising Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are designed to accelerate the time to diagnosis, expand the therapeutic window for cancer patients and reduce the cost burden to healthcare systems. The predictive analytics platform ProLung Test™ was designated as a ‘breakthrough device’ by the US FDA in February 2020. Today, lung cancer is diagnosed on average much too late when the published five-year survival rate is just 16-17%. By helping physicians accelerate and shift their diagnosis to the earliest and most treatable stages, the five-year survival rate can be increased five times to nearly 80%. The ProLung Test is designed to give physicians actionable evidence to confidently accelerate patients with likely malignant pulmonary nodules to treatment and follow relaxed vigilance protocols for those with likely benign nodules. ProLung, Inc. Most Innovative Non-Invasive Lung Cancer Testing Solution: The ProLung Test™ Based in Utah, ProLung, Inc. is a global leader in cutting-edge cancer predictive analytics, aiming tomake a difference in time for cancer patients. Following the firm’s success in the Biotechnology Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Vice President, Andy Robertson to find out more about the company and the developments they have recently been involved in. Contact Details: Company Name: ProLung, Inc. Contact Name: Andy Robertson Email Address: [email protected] Address: 350 W. 800 N., Suite 214, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, USA Web Address: Early cancer detection models have repeatedly shown that outcomes are better and treatment costs are lower for earlier-stage than for advanced- stage cancers. For small 4-8mm indeterminate pulmonary nodules, the firm’s ProLung Test should contribute to a significant increase in survivorship. Mr. Robertson shared, “The Breakthrough Device designation by the FDA is a momentous achievement for ProLung. In addition to the expedited reviews by the FDA, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have provisions for a simpler and faster pathway to reimbursement.” As innovators in the biotech industry, ProLung is now expanding its feasibility research outside of lung cancer. ProLung, Inc.’s growing library of clinical evidence gives them reason to believe that their technology is detecting cancer-related changes in the body. Therefore, ProLung recently launched an IRB-approved feasibility study on breast cancer. The positive energy at ProLung’s new office / lab space is palpable with its mix of long-tenured team members and deep medtech experience. With the addition of Jared Bauer to ProLung’s start-up team as CEO, the firm’s guiding principle is “bring me the bad news first.” Ultimately, the team’s goal is to rapidly identify and get in front of unknowns so they can be addressed head-on. By immediately addressing unknowns, challenges and curveballs, the team still finds plenty of time to celebrate their successes. Personnel recruitment plays a vitally important role in the success of any firm and that is no different at ProLung. It is the firm’s intention to fill their hallways, labs and conference rooms with special individuals who share a passion for learning and improving. Finally, as Mr. Robertson comments on the future of ProLung, he says, “The entire team is incredibly proud of our ‘Breakthrough Device’ designation by the FDA. It is a momentous achievement for our patented ProLung Test and proprietary algorithm. Our resolve to expand the development of our Artificial Intelligence-driven Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) technology outside lung cancer has never been stronger.”