Biotechnology Awards 2020

12 GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards , Jan20501 Arnan has achieved many things in the past few years. From working alongside major names in the work of sterile engineering to starting his own business, 10AR has gone from strength to strength, drawing on thirty years of knowledge to provide clients with the best possible framework. Making scientific evidence his utmost priority, followed swiftly by quantifiable results, the assistance that Arnan has been able to render to businesses is significant. Designed to support many aspects of sterile manufacturing, 10AR has made enormous differences to a number of different companies. Arnan’s background as Director of strategic projects at Omrix Biopharmaceuticals (A JnJ company), as well as Director of Global Engineering Sterile Production Network at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, has led him to be a leading authority in the most effective methods for handling tasks in the field of sterile engineering. To provide an example, Arnan can support facilities in the purchase of a filling line. This technical operation includes writing a User Requirement Specification (URS), contacting and successfully negotiating Best End-to-End Sterile Production Consultancy Firm 2020 As pharmaceutical companies and facilities take onmore work, the need for expert opinions on specific and holistic perspectives becomes crucial to success. Led by Arnan Ben-David, 10AR is a one-stop-shop for this brand of consultancy. With companies eager to use his extensive experience to better improve their projects and recognised for his achievements in the 2020 Biotechnology Awards, we delve a little deeper to see what 10AR can offer. Contact Details: Company: 10AR Contact: Arnan Ben-David Website: with vendors, and decisively presenting recommendations to the company. With vendors offering so many options, having an expert eye to select the right component at the start can ensure significant savings and assurances in regard to future choices and decision making. As for other companies, Arnan is able to provide knowledge and experience in complex processes involving aseptic particle size reduction. This includes process flow diagrams, in reference to the process itself and calculations, shown step-by-step. Some of the other provided services include a sterile facility design review, which contains the facility layout and critical systems involved. Additionally, 10AR also offers solutions to specific technical challenges and processes, as well as the establishment of engineering and maintenance infrastructures. Much of the challenge in working in the sterile manufacturing industry comes from the contrast between modern, state-of-the- art technologies and legacy basics, as many aspects have remained static for the last fifty years. Needless to say, from a business perspective, this creates pressure when production complexity reduces the attractiveness of sterile production. Arnan consistently provides focus to companies regarding requirements that are scientifically and engineeringly correct, while offering a rationale required to justify each and every decision. In doing so, achieving a significant cost reduction and reduced production complexity is strikingly feasible. To ensure that scientific rigor is guaranteed, Arnan routinely relies on updated regulatory requirements from the US FDA and the EU EMA. Association guidelines are also used; such as those from the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), and the Pharmaceutical Healthcare Sciences Society (PHSS). In order to keep up to date on the latest developments in the field, Arnan regularly attends seminars, conferences and exhibitions. These efforts allow him to network with peers and discuss the latest challenges facing the industry overall. Working alongside such a broad array of clients has given Arnan unique insight, with each challenge simply making his work better than before. What sets Arnan and his business apart from competitors is the way he is able to administer comprehensive, cost- effective solutions to his clients. With the flexibility that a one- man-operation is able to provide, Arnan draws from a multitude of perspectives as he leads projects from their inception all the way through to completion. When compared to other support providers, Arnan’s vast network and extensive knowledge of the industry give him a significant advantage. Moreover, Arnan shares this knowledge freely to ensure that every action taken is as straightforward as possible. In this industry, the need for evidence, facts and a proven history are paramount. Arnan’s approach ensures that these factors are always the basis of which his recommendations lie. It’s an achievement worth recognising and it has led to his incredible success in the field. 10AR