Biotechnology Awards 2020

16 GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards , Feb20539 Founded in 2012, Celluma Light Therapy are leading innovators in the health and beauty market, driving change thanks to the development of their products. As an FDA registered medical device company, the firm manufacture LED devices to treat skin, muscle and joint conditions, including acne, full-face wrinkles and pain and wound healing. To start with, Denise offers more insight into the firm’s specialisms and its client base. “Based on advanced technology and unique in design, the firm’s flagship product, the Celluma PRO is unlike any other LED device available today. The Celluma is differentiated from all other LED devices in that it is multi-functional with pre-programmed settings to effectively treat pain and skin conditions. Today, practitioners and consumers can choose from 11 user-friendly and affordable models. “Additionally, Celluma is the only FDA and medically CE- marked light therapy device that is flexible and shape-taking, allowing it to conform closely to the area of treatment, which is a key to effectiveness. LED light therapy devices are categorized by the FDA as Class II medical devices and by European Medical Device Authorities as Class IIa medical devices. Best Pain Alleviation Light Therapy Company - West Coast USA Based in California, Celluma Light Therapy are the industry leaders in advanced light therapy, servingmedical, aesthetic and wellness professionals around the world. Following their success in the Biotechnology Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Denise Ryan to find out more. Celluma Light Therapy Contact Details: Contact Name: Denise Ryan Telephone Number: +714 978 0080 Address: 1000 E. Howell Av, Anaheim, CA 92805 USA Web Address: “Widely used by medical and wellness professionals including dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, acupuncturists, aestheticians and pain management specialists, the Celluma PRO has gained the distinction of market leader in aesthetic light therapy devices.” Following the success of the early Celluma PRO, the firm recently developed a full-body device; the Celluma DELUX. This device provides full-coverage light therapy offering all the advantages of a light therapy bed without the space requirement or exorbitant price tag. Ideal for use during facials to treat a variety of skin and pain conditions, the Celluma DELUX can manage musculoskeletal conditions including joint pain and stiffness, arthritic pain, muscle tension and spasms. In regard to the challenges the biotechnology industry is currently facing and due to recent changes by the FDA, manufacturers of certain phototherapy devices are not having to prove the safety of their products which Denise holds concerns over. “Recently the FDA choose to exempt product code ILY from premarket notification requirements. As a manufacturer of phototherapy devices cleared under multiple product codes, including ILY, we are acutely aware of manufactures of similar devices, who use that clearance to make adulterated marketing claims about their devices, advertising them for a wide range of treatment modalities, many of which no phototherapy devices has ever been cleared. Not requiring manufactures of such devices to prove efficacy and safety of their products leaves the market open to a floodgate of unsubstantiated and clinically unsupported claims.” As Celluma Light Therapy continues to innovate with the development of their products in such a fiercely competitive industry, Denise points out the Celluma PRO conforms closely to the area of treatment, which is a key to effective absorption of the light energy by the body’s tissue. Additionally, it is differentiated from all other LED devices in that it is multi- functional with pre-programmed settings to effectively treat acne, anti-aging skin conditions, wound-healing and pain conditions - in a single device.” Finally, Denise comments on the future of the firm and what plans are in place to ensure Celluma Light Therapy remains at the forefront of technology in light therapy. “Celluma recently introduced the Celluma iSERIES, the first ever battery driven professional-grade, panel-style devices, in March 2020. This latest iteration was driven by practitioner feedback, and as such, moving forward Celluma Light Therapy will be continuing to drive innovation in the health and wellness markets, while developing new solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of its esteemed professional and consumer-based customers.”