Biotechnology Awards 2020

18 GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards , Contact Details: Company: Nanovis Contact: Matt Hedrick Phone: 877.907.NANO (6266) Website: Feb20537 The challenges of orthopaedic surgery worried the team behind Nanovis. While generally successful, the failure rate was largely related to the issues of infection or tissue growth around the implant. Finding a solution to this was not necessarily straightforward, so the company took steps into the unknown in the search for a way forward. Nanovis has found its feet and makes a tremendous difference to the world at large with its breakthrough fixation and infection device technology. Those undertaking surgery now have the option from a wide-ranging portfolio of technologically enhanced implants, named Nanovis Spine. This collection is used by spinal surgeons to heal those suffering with pain or disability related to spinal pathology. Inventing these new ways of thinking has involved a lot of in-depth research from the company’s top team of scientists and collaborators. Each has an impressive knowledge of nanotechnology, cellular biology and material science, with the team including some of the first and foremost researchers in the field of implant nanotechnology. Finding ways to commercialize this new technology is the way in which Nanovis is able to develop even more new techniques, Best Nanotechnology Implant Specialists - USA Bringing tomorrow’s technology to the world today, Nanovis has committed itself tomaking a difference for humanity with breakthrough technology and techniques. Not content to let a problembe, the team led byMatt Hedrick has made some amazing leaps in the field. Worthy winners in this year’s Biotechnology Awards 2020, we turn our attention to this impressive company to learnmore about the key to success. with each development being unique and patented. The focus of the company lies squarely on inventing, acquiring and applying advanced device technology to the problem of fixation and localized infection, with the small field meaning that Nanovis can easily keep track of any changes to ensure that its portfolio remains unique. The importance of developing new ways of thinking and working cannot be overstated, with hospitals, patients, surgeons and physicians all looking to improve surgical outcomes. Nanovis’ products have been very well received, with surgeons excited about the impressive results that their patients are seeing. This good news is matched by positive word of mouth, which makes a huge difference in this industry. Product sales have grown too, driven by the differentiation of the company’s technology platforms One of the most recent projects that the team has been able to work on is a bio-ceramic nanotube implant surface, an invention that includes a statistically significant superior, calcified, extracellular, matrix production. Compared to other typical implant surfaces made of titanium, calcium phosphate, or even acid etched nanorough surfaces, Nanovis’ product is far more impressive. It has just gained FDA clearance, marking its next step towards entering the marketplace. With innovation at its core, the culture of Nanovis is one dedicated to making a difference to humanity as a whole. With care, attention to detail and a sense of urgency, the team has been able to make a significant difference in a relatively short period of time. On the road ahead lies continual technology innovation, market evaluation and global dissemination, but for now this is a company that can afford to take a moment to absorb its impressive achievements.