Biotechnology Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards 19 , 8 GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards , Since their inception in 2008, Earth Renewable Technologies (ERT) have developed different bio-based formulas to supply the food packaging, utensils, consumer goods products market, with the intention to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic use across the industry. Based in South Carolina, the firm is 100% focused on developing and delivering bio solutions to the industry, allowing biopolymers to have a better performance and use, which is based on ERT’s proprietary technologies. In addition to being focused on creating and expanding the term ‘Circular Economy’, ERT also delivers bio-based, lingo-cellulosic filled formulations. Another area the firm focuses on is bio-based formulations, which are capable of enhancing the use of bio-polymers. The formulations allow bio-polymers to not only have a better performance, but also broadens the use of these materials and enables industries from various areas to have access to bio-materials. At ERT, the firm believes that with these unique contributions, it opens the door for more industries to use bio-polymers in their products and most importantly, contributes to the reduction in the use of plastics. Recently, ERT has developed a proprietary hemp filled bio-polymers. The team have been able to incorporate the residue created by the hemp industry and applied them into their polymers, hence, creating a “hemp polymer, which is 100% bio-based and bio-degradable. Currently, it is being used in the hemp industry for packaging goods such as hemp buds, vapes, rolls and trays. Offering a diverse range of sustainable solutions and products, it comes as no surprise that ERT was selected in the Biotechnology Awards 2020 as the Best Biodegradable Polymer Development Firm – USA. Over the years, the firm has proved time and time again why they are the best choice amongst their competitors. For instance, ERT have developed a patented technology that is capable of enhancing the performance of their bio-polymers with the use of a bi-component micro-fiber. The future looks promising for the team at ERT, especially as they already have a number of projects currently in the pipeline for the years to come. Whilst some of their plans are still under wraps, one project of ERT’s they can announce is that they are currently working to transform the agriculture residue industry by developing alternatives for such materials. Ultimately, ERT believe that the only way to change the world is by acting, which is why the firm work exhaustively to find solutions for Earth Renewable Technologies (ERT) Best Biodegradable Polymer Development Firm - USA Earth Renewable Technologies (ERT) is a biodegradable polymer producer, focused on the development of bio-based compounds. Having recently been recognized in GHP’s Biotechnology Awards 2020, we profiled the firm to discover more about the innovative solutions ERT provides. Jan20425 companies across industries who genuinely act in favor of a better today. A mission the team at ERT are striving to achieve today and everyday going forward, as the firm’s President Kim Fabri signs off by highlighting the extraordinary steps the team at ERT takes to ensure that they are creating a sustainable future. “Here at ERT, our employees have to believe that we are working for a better today. There is no more time for tomorrow, but that the time to act is now. We are in constant evolution in ERT, and our mindset is to develop solutions for today. We no longer have time to think in a better tomorrow, once we must act in order to make this world a better place to live in. Also, we don’t have employees, but we have owners. Every single person at ERT has the passion to transform the world into a better place, but believe it has to be done now; and this is exactly what we are doing.” Contact Details Contact: Kim Fabri Company: Earth Renewable Technologies Address: 112 S. Main Street, Greer- SC, 29650, USA Telephone: (828) 384 4828 Web Address: Emanuel Martins (Left) and Kim Fabri (Right)