Biotechnology Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards 5 , Flamma is a privately held, family run, family owned life science company with experience that dates back to its beginning in 1950. As a fully integrated small molecule CDMO, the Flamma Group offers a unique opportunity to accelerate your small molecules to the pharmaceutical marketplace. Currently, Flamma has four state- of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facilities, each with its own R&D staff and labs in Italy, China and the USA. Drew, who was the first US employee for Flamma and has been with Flamma for over 10 year, describes how Flamma brings value to customers in the pharma industry. “While we have vast expertise in high value chiral materials (specifically amino acid related materials), Flamma provides solutions to customers who also have other requirements with varying types of chemistries.” “Additionally, we manufacture specialty compounds and Best Global Pharmaceutical CDMO 2020 Flamma is a CDMOwithHeadquarters nearMilan, Italy. As a fully integrated CDMO, it can leverage its 100% self-owned, self-managed facilities, in Italy, China and the USA to deliver a stable, reliable supply chain. Senior Director, Kenneth Drew, Ph.D., speaks to us about the company. Jan20425511 advanced intermediates for the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Flamma also has a variety of niche generic products.” The pharmaceutical marketplace is very complex and sophisticated. The recent wave of consolidation in the CDMO industry has brought many challenges for pharmaceutical companies who look to outsource their small molecules. Drew on how Flamma weathers this storm. “While some may find the consolidation beneficial, many see it to be problematic as the sheer size of these large CDMOs causes customers to feel like just another number.” “Flamma, being family owned and run since it started in 1950 brings a different vision to the industry. At Flamma, we treat customers like family. We are transparent giving proposals that are not only fairly priced but provide realistic time lines to allow you to count on a delivery that is on-time and in spec. Each customer can feel the Flamma difference.” “By having a facility in China that is self-managed, we bring tremendous piece of mind to the customer. We don’t have a Chinese facility, we have an Italian facility located in China. As the pharmaceutical marketplace continues to grow, more companies realize that it is best to work with a trusted partner. Flamma is that trusted partner.” Flamma continues to invest in itself by continuing to bring forth improvements that customers desire and by continuing to stand out from the crowd. The future for Flamma is very bright indeed. “Flamma is looking at new technologies to continue to grow our toolbox.” Drew notes, “This provides customers with another choice when selecting a partner to be their CDMO. Flamma is an extension of your team. A team that thinks and asks questions rather than just being a pair of hands. From small amounts to commercial manufacturing, Flamma is the Thinking CDMO.” “We are constantly striving to improve our quality. The numerous customer audits help drive our organisation to be better and provide the quality that customers not only desire but require.” “Our dedicated staff are a key element in our success story. During the Covid-19 crisis of 2020, our teams in Italy and China worked tirelessly to continue production of important molecules that are critical to help fight the virus. The Italian team hung a sign reading #MOLAMIA which means ‘Don’t Give Up’. Flamma doesn’t give up. The reason we have few openings in our production schedule is because people WANT to place projects with Flamma and you should as well.” Website: LinkedIn: flamma-spa Twitter: @flammagroup Facebook: TheFlammaGroup Instagram: @flammagroup GROUP