Biotechnology Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards 9 , Jan19231 At McDay, every service is engineered around helping clients implement their strategic plans through marketing, whether that be public relations, branding, or product launch campaigns. Nowadays, there are so many channels of communication that staying on top of them can be difficult sometimes. That’s why McDay specialises in all of them, and can help with digital, social media, video, email, technical content production, and placement needs. Companies throughout the science and engineering worlds can benefit hugely from a communications and PR agency coming in to help transform technical jargon and industry terminology into meaningful messages that people resonate with. That belief in imagination that is driven by information is coupled with a deep understanding of clients objectives, necessitating an agency with a technical background and a strong sense of creativity; McDay. Founder and owner Susan Stipa previously spent her career hiring marketing agencies, to whom her highly technical colleagues simply could not relate. Whilst there were great pitches, there was a lack of well-written articles or adequately-conducted interviews without a deep level of technical knowledge to draw upon. So, Susan took it upon Best Pharmaceutical Communications & PR Agency - Mid-Atlantic USA Imagination is driven by information. That is one of the core beliefs behind the teamat McDay, as it seeks to understand core technical information and transform it memorably, allowing its client’s clients to truly connect with the message. Every industry need communications and PR help sometimes, and that is exactly what McDay offers to its clients. In order to learnmore following the firm’s win in 2020’s Biotechnology Awards, we profiled it and the work it does to support the industry. herself to do things differently. Understanding the regulatory space through no small amount of experience, Susan built a team of staff with degrees in science, engineering, data science, mathematics, biology, business, and crucially, art. The staff at McDay brings a wealth of experience to the table, from a broad range of creative and technical disciplines and backgrounds. However, in everything, creativity is evident. Serving clients across a spectrum of businesses and industries requires creative flexibility and malleability which the staff can bring, but the really unique niches lie in businesses that need technical knowhow. Within pharmaceutical, biotech, oil/gas, and chemical manufacturing industries, as with most other industries, there is an importance on having specific experience in that field to better understand what engineers, scientists, and subject matter experts are saying. Just last year alone, McDay saw 95% of the technical articles it pitched and wrote on behalf of clients, accepted by the pharmaceutical press corp. Today, the sheer number of cell and gene therapy projects currently in clinical trials presents a real opportunity for future growth and success. The scale of the projects may be smaller in square feet, but the number of ideas on the table in the industry is proportionally higher than anything seen in the early days of biotech. The challenges for this industry, and for McDay moving forwards, are around the scale and size of therapies made for smaller orphan drug populations, or how personalized medicine facilities will be delivered in the future. As far as legislation and regulations go, the biggest effect on the business at McDay recently was the GDPR implementation several years ago. During the last few years, the firm chose to be conservative and recommended that clients reconnect with anyone on their mailing list. As more privacy protection regulations come, so too will McDay have to stay one step ahead. Fortunately for its clients, the firm already is staying one step ahead. Not only does attending and serving on the board of dozens of pharma and chemical industry trade groups give McDay an industrial advantage, but it also enhances the firm’s deep understanding of current trends within pharmaceuticals and chemicals, to help lead clients rather than follow. Meeting with and inspiring clients through easy to understand and communicate knowledge is not an easy job. Sifting through technical findings and all manner of industrial terminology in order to make it digestible requires no small amount of knowledge and creativity; two elements that McDay has in abundance. Recently acquired by Chicago based CGLife, an industry leading science communications agency, Stipa says that the synergy between the agencies brings McDay more deeply into the drug development pipeline, as CGLife’s expertise in diagnostics, genomics and clinical trial management expands its own focus on manufacturing and regulatory. Contact: Susan Stipa Website: