Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 11 , Jan21421 Recently declared the ‘Best Biosecurity Consultancy & Training Firm’, Webster’s Biosafety is a UK based company that is operating globally to deliver industry-leading consultancy and training courses to its clients. The Company Bolstering the Standards of Lab Safety Providing biological safety consultancy services across a wide variety of organisations, Webster’s Biosafety is a business that works hard to scale its services with its client. Thus, it can offer its consultancy solutions to the benefit of clients behind businesses of all shapes and sizes, from international pharmaceutical companies to specialist start-ups that are working on the world’s newest innovations. Its core principle and driving force is directed towards helping clients that are working with highly pathogenic organisms that require high levels of expertise and extremely rigorous containment and safety protocols. Thusly, its work functions within the public and private sectors, including academic institutions such as universities. Its university consultancy has been engaged by clients in the UK, Ireland, the mainland EU, Scandinavia, and on the African continent, and its clientele laud WB for its comprehensive, watertight, and rigorous service. This includes an independent inspection and audit, consultant BSO roles, gap analysis, and expert advice that guides its clients in new directions. WB also goes one step further than simply offering and conducting these services itself. It also provides training to its clients, educating in the specialist high containment microbiology safety systems that it champions to bolster the knowledge base of its industry. This training is highly accredited and has been developed with the newest techniques and regulations in mind, offering BSO and biosafety in general as well as other bespoke training courses that can be implemented depending on client demand. In this way, its training increases the safety of lab engineers, increasing confidence and decreasing the risk of error through mishap. It takes great pride in this training being highly flexible. Furthermore, all its educational services contribute towards WB’s goal of providing the client with an enhanced understanding of microbiological containment, and how best to implement exemplary lab operational standards. WB differentiates itself from its competition by way of turning competition into collaboration. It doesn’t subscribe to the mindset of pitching biological technology companies against one another, seeing the industry instead as a collection of partners working in tandem towards a common goal. Its role in this partnership is, of course, in helping such partners and organisations become safer working environments that can in turn create more reliable products for their end users. Its efforts within higher education institutions, as well as privately funded lab environments, have made it highly effective at communication with a wide variety of clientele. The benefit of this for WB has been in allowing it to gain a better understanding of the major players in biotechnology. It handles each client with diligence and care, working closely with its experts to create bespoke solutions that benefit the client, and allow them to grow and develop. Its consultants are all experts themselves, and leading minds in their fields, something that its clients directly benefit from as WB’s advice will always be directly relevant to the client’s work. Additionally, WB works alongside fellow trainers and educators to offer the best training courses it possibly can, covering all elements of operational safety. For WB, adaptability is of vital importance. This is especially pivotal in an industry wherein standards, regulations, and demands are forever in transition depending on what the prevailing trends are at the time. With all of this behind it, and a bright future ahead of further cementing itself as an exemplary consultancy service, WB plans to continue growing and developing its work. As a final word, it wishes to extend its thanks to its clients and students past and present, for their feedback as well as their continued support. Company: Webster’s Biosafety Contact: Sharon Webster Web: Best Biosecurity Consultancy & Training Firm - UK