Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 13 , Lauded as the ‘Best Clinical Trial Management System2021’, one of the many awards and accreditations it has earned, SynapCon has made a name for itself in both its innovations and globally focused attitude. In streamlining clinical management systems, the firmhas achieved great success whichwe now profile. Developing software solutions that specifically focus on cost reduction for clients running clinical trials, SynapCon offers a range of services that allow digital transformation and the setting of rigorous standards. It allows the expedience of its clients’ clinical product trials, allowing products like devices and drugs to be available to patients quicker and easier. In this way, SynapCon seeks to reduce the burden on the healthcare system. This goal has informed every aspect of its operation, and its solutions are therefore some of the most advanced technologies and business models available. Through the implementation of IT systems by its team of dedicated specialists who work with a finger on the pulse of the dynamic medical technology industry, it prides itself on working with its customers as well as for them. By collaborating with its clients, market leaders, and stakeholders, it makes its vision of bettering the medical infrastructure worldwide a communal effort, and one every participant has an active voice in. Its flagship product, the electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), is a specifically designed module for SynapCon’s clinical trial management system. With this product, the firm empowers its clients to work with a web-based Feb21028 and highly intuitive platform that allows them to prepare and complete audit-proof trial master files that are GCP compliant. It seeks to assemble data into a compliant template structure, enabling users to collaborate virtually on the same project, automatically store history to prevent loss, and give users an easy way to navigate when handling large data pools. This system is a method by which SynapCon provides value to customers along the entire value chain of clinical trials; making for better functionality and streamlined use of funding across the board. In an industry that can face issues regarded cuts to budget, this is an incredibly useful service, and thus SynapCon has made itself a lynchpin. The eTMF’s benefit to the cost element of clinical trials starts with reducing the procedural bloatware needed in project management, allowing everything to be handled in one place. Its software is used by stakeholders across its industry. Such entities include Pharma, Biotech, and Medtech, as well as clinical research organizations and medical universities. Recently, SynapCon has been working hard towards the release of its new online networking platform. Slated for release during March, its unique and user-friendly design will allow stakeholders a new means of site selection that it hopes will further change the way its industry operates. Its CEO, Sven Engel, is a biotechnician and expert in his field, and the expertise earned in over 20 years of clinical trial management is something the company benefits from. He knows first-hand the struggles and challenges clinical trial management teams face, and therefore knows what needs addressing to make things easier. In this way, SynapCon lets its clients focus more on the research and the data than the hours of trialling various logistical systems. Sven himself created his first clinical trial management solution in 1999, and from this humble starting point the updates and developments have been continuous and ongoing. Today, the system is up to date and more competitive than ever, improved to meet the needs of modern-day clinical trials. In an industry where demands change and fluctuate rapidly, with the needs of research being myriad and circumstantial, SynapCon has ensured its system is just as flexible. The original system has seen several complete overhauls, and, to go even further, SynapCon is forever developing more products to keep itself top of the range. It is currently developing products that utilize both AI and ML. This has been its response to seeing the Best Clinical TrialManagement System 2021: Clinical Trial Management System bloated and fractured response of the medical infrastructure to the Coronavirus pandemic; AI and ML will allow technicians to disregard the overly complicated systems of the past, saving time and money. All its work is FDA and EMA regulation compliant, and it partakes in constant internal and external training as part of its dedication to development as a company. Its innovations and prevailing internal attitude of responsibility towards its staff is bringing the entirety of its industry into the future. Quite clearly, SynapCon is one to watch. Company: SynapCon Limited Contact: Sven Engel Website: