Biotechnology Awards 2021

14 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 , Feb21106 Modern marketing techniques require specialised skills, with life science marketers needing an understanding of the industry as well as the wide range of marketing strategies and tactics available. The team at BioStrata work with life science companies to help them build their brand, generate sales leads and nurture leads into customers. We took a closer look to find out more. At its heart, marketing is designed to help connect people with the right products, services or support they need to meet their specific requirements. The work of BioStrata is focused entirely on this goal, helping to connect researchers, healthcare providers, and other life science professionals with the companies, technologies, knowledge, and services they need to help improve the world for everyone. Key to this is the work they do to uniquely position life sciences companies in their market vertical. Every business has a unique message to send, which explains clearly who they are, what they offer, and the benefits they can provide to customers. The work of BioStrata is designed to leverage market insights and drive these companies’ business strategies to achieve greater success. By building an image that is consistent across the industry, firms find that they can drive demand, generate leads, and turn leads into customers. The modern marketplace demands a communications team who can work across multiple marketing tactics and channels seamlessly. These teams must undertake research and planning as well as being knowledgeable about social media, public and media relations, content creation, graphic design, and digital marketing to name but a few aspects. However, finding talented people with the right mix of scientific and marketing skillets is not easy, as these people are relatively rare. By working with BioStrata, companies take on a team who know the industry intimately. They understand the challenges involved and have already undergone world-leading training in the field. By outsourcing these marketing functions to experts, businesses can open doors that were previously inaccessible to them. The team is focused on outcomes that get results, and these outcomes can be seen over the long-term, with the team committed to building lasting relationships with staff. Many smaller companies have incredible stories to share, but no easy ways of communicating them to the right people, especially if they lack the budgets typically required to work with a specialist agency or consultant. To help them overcome this challenge, BioStrata developed the Life Science Newswire. This service allows companies to develop and send press releases to key life science media contacts in a cost- effective way, with each release functioning on a “pay as you go” system, rather than being based on longer-term contracts. BioStrata has undergone consistent growth since it opened its doors, with 2021 looking to be no exception. The team has made several important new hires, with more made to match the growing demand for the team’s services. Needless to say, the aim is for these new hires to change the way in which the team operates when it comes to stimulating growth and success. BioStrata has become a renowned name within the industry since 2014, and has secured its place for years to come. To organisations around the work, this is a team that is more than a marketing company. It is an invaluable asset that they simply couldn’t be without. Company: BioStrata Name: Paul Avery Web Address: Email: [email protected] Leading Specialists in Life Science Marketing - UK