Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 15 , Feb21266 The world of vaccines has never beenmore interesting, with rapid developments made in countries around the world in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. The teamat Benchmark Research have played a crucial role, partnering with the US Government in OperationWarp Speed. We take a look at the success that brought them to this incredibly important role following their success in the Biotechnology Awards 2021. Best Vaccine Development Clinical Research Firm - USA Benchmark Research is a world- renowned clinical research company that specializes in vaccine research. Also, a partner of VaxCorps a therapeutically diverse network composed of highly experienced, geographically diverse clinical research centres. Since 1997, the Benchmark team have conducted more than 1,000 trials with 45,000+ participants in partnership with the private and public sectors at clinics located in California, Louisiana and Texas. It is an astonishing trackrecord of success, which is why the team are in such high demand and held in such high regard. In 2004, when the team first moved into vaccine research, the field was not as desirable in the research industry. It was the vision of CEO Mark Lacy that initiated the team to make the decision to dive into these uncharted territories and make the best in class processes possible, playing a crucial role in what would become the most important therapeutic area in the industry. Benchmark Research has helped to save lives while earning a great deal of money for its shareholders. In such a sophisticated field, it crucial to work closely with the various organizations that make it up. It is impressive that Benchmark has solidified continuous good relationships with sponsors, the pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA, which ensures they maintain the highest standards of care and safety. This has resulted in a reputation that is recognized internationally by renowned firms such as ACRP, INC Research, PharmaVoice Magazine, Pharmatimes and pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. The decision from the US Government to trust Benchmark Research with a meaningful role in the route to finding a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 makes perfect sense. Since Operation Warp Speed first began, the team have been conducting Phase 1, 2, and 3 COVID-19 studies amongst their other areas of expertise. These ongoing studies have seen the enrolment of over 5,000+ volunteers across eight sites in over 45 COVID-19 related trials. This has been a highly public position, with the team behind Benchmark Research keeping the general population informed of any developments that have been made. Part of the reason behind Benchmark Research’s success is the amount of aspects of the business that can be handled in-house. With an extensive database of potential subjects and their own call center, the team is able to provide rapid support to any emergent novel research program such as addressing COVID-19 or related therapies. Their many years of experience enables their team to provide high-volume patient recruitment and retention, as well as ensure appropriate data capture and excellent study conduct. The reason behind this incredible success is a focus not just on the company’s achievements, but on the progression of Benchmark Research employees. Everyone is given the tools and opportunities to grow and be challenged within their role, which is why Benchmark employees have been awarded Clinical Researcher of the Year five times in the last eight years. The team’s sites are seen as hubs of leading research in a variety of different fields. While they have achieved some incredible feats, the Benchmark Research team are always looking to the next big venture. One of which is M.A.C.R.O. (Minorities Advancing Clinical Research Operation), this revolves around bringing more minorities into clinical trials. Minority populations are consistently underrepresented in trials, and so the team have committed to increasing racial diversity, promoting honesty and transparency about clinical research, and encouraging trust between researchers and minority communities. The success of Benchmark Research may best be shown by the way the US government trusted them during unprecedented circumstances. Their unique knowledge, expertise and skillset made them the ideal partners for Operation Warp Speed. Their ability to deliver results quickly and effectively has been vital to saving lives across the country before COVID and now more than ever. Company: Benchmark Research Name: Mark Lacy Web Address: Email: [email protected]