Biotechnology Awards 2021

16 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 , Automation is changing theworld indramaticways, and thefieldof biotechnology is no exception. Inan industrybuilt on innovation, the teamat Arctoris pushes intoboldnewterritorywith the world’sfirst fully automateddrugdiscoveryplatform.We dig a little deeper intohowthe company came about andwhat has ensured their continued success and fast growth. Based in both Oxford and Singapore, the team behind Arctoris have created a revolutionary platform where their partners and clients in biotech, pharma, and academia can access a wide range of drug discovery experiments conducted entirely by robotics. The use of robotics solves a major problem within the industry, namely access to high quality, well annotated, and fully structured data. For decades, highly skilled and qualified researchers have spent valuable time with slow and error-prone manual lab work. Arctoris takes the strain from scientists, doing the tedious work for them, and allows them to focus on higher value tasks - developing the next idea that can change the world. Researchers globally design their projects together with the experienced team at Arctoris, and watch the robotic lab conduct all assays and experiments with superhuman precision, accuracy and speed. By using automation from experiment design and execution all the way to data capture, QC and analysis, the team behind Arctoris is able to generate data of unprecedented quality at scale. The secret behind the company’s success is the way in which their business model directly addresses a core need within the industry. Establishing sophisticated automation infrastructure is simply unaffordable for most biotech companies (both with regard to capital expenditure and expertise), putting the benefits of automation outside the reach of most researchers driving innovation. Thanks to Arctoris, researchers worldwide can now accelerate their research from the idea stage to the clinic by working with Ulysses, the unique technology platform developed by Arctoris’ team of scientists and engineers. Workflows can be fully customised to suit the bespoke needs of each program, leading to fast and efficient project onboarding and drastically improved speed and quality of data generation. On average, an assay run on with Ulysses will come with 100x the number of datapoints compared to industry standard. It’s easy to see why biotech and pharma leaders from four continents have turned to the Arctoris team to enlist their help. The Arctoris approach is unique in terms of what they offer to the drug discovery ecosystem. The value of data is something that cannot be overestimated, especially in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry. This is even more so the case as AI and machine learning are becoming more and more important - and require even greater amounts of structured data for model training and validation. It’s not just the scale of the Arctoris operations which impresses, but the partner-focused approach and their track record in making their partnerships a success. This includes them enabling successful fundraises, target validation, candidate selection etc. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arctoris team has continued working with researchers from around the world. Thanks to the automated nature of their operations, there was not a single day where their labs weren’t operational, ensuring much needed research continuity for their clients and partners . Ulysses has sped up the discovery process significantly – a crucial step at all times, but especially during a public health crisis. As a company that has always pushed a remote-first, robotics-powered approach, Arctoris emerged from COVID-19 even stronger. In fact, the size of the team has doubled, as Arctoris has expanded its global footprint and partnered with some of the world’s leading drug discovery companies throughout the past 12 months. The plan for the future is to continue this collaborative approach, further scale Arctoris global reach, and expedite the development of drugs for those in need. With an approach that embraces the power of automation combined with an experienced team of drug hunters, they are the future of the biotechnology industry. For more information, please visit or follow Arctoris on LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter. For media enquiries, please contact: [email protected] Company: Arctoris Ltd Best Drug Research Data Platform - UK Jan21291