Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 17 , Lauded as the ‘Best Silicone & Silane R&D Company’ for 2021 in the USA, QuadSil is a business dedicated to the furtherment of science as a whole as well as the growth of its own business. A research and development lab based in Michigan, QuadSil Inc is an innovative leading voice in the silicone and silane focused field. A consultancy expert centre as well as a rigorous and forward-thinking R&D company, QuadSil creates antimicrobial products that push it to the forefront of the market. Its main concerns lie in the advancement of its products via product prototyping, scale-up manufacture, and consultancy operations that forever bring QuadSil back to the priority of advancing science and technology specifically relating to the materials it uses. It is a direct manufacturer and seller of a wide variety of antimicrobial products, too – bringing in another revenue stream that supports its research. Its motto is ‘experience the difference’. By following this, it has been able to create products under its value proposition that are exemplary and intelligent. It has also benefitted from rapid development and scale-up growth, expanding quickly as a company until it made itself a solid competitor in its field. QuadSil takes the rigor of its research very seriously, and so has funnelled significant effort into developing processes that are watertight and effective. Through having a standardized way of working like this, it can cut back on the risk of error and more comfortably guarantee the standard of the resulting product. Operating out of the US puts it in the heart of some of the world’s most faced paced scientific developments, and it benefits from working withing such a dynamic and diverse industry. It uses this to serve its client base with dedication and diligence. With a customer-first business model that forges a vital part of what makes it stand head and shoulders above its competitors, offering informative services relating to its products as well as protectable product prototype development. All its operations are also backed up by its philosophy and mission statement, to first and foremost see to its clients needs, and to educate them on silicon and silane. It does this by focusing on what about its operations result in success and adapting to do more of what works. With this method it has successfully cultivated a strong client base, one that grows ever more informed as QuadSil itself develops as a company, in a positive feedback loop that benefits all involved. The factors and required competencies that it prizes amongst its team, all of whom are highly qualified and extremely efficient, drive its innovations ever forward, and inspire it to continually strive for better. It is after all their ideation and vision that guides the direction of the business. In this way, QuadSil is first and foremost powered by ambition. As it hits targets and milestones along its roadmap to success, QuadSil ensures the rapid development of information and product creation ingenuity that matches the speed of the scientific world itself. With updates being implemented daily and the field generating new better processes on a similarly exponential timescale, this company retains a commitment to keeping its finger on the pulse of its sector, ensuring it can remain competitive. All of this helps QuadSil to achieve its vision of establishing a global presence. It is currently cementing itself thoroughly in the niche of US silicone and silate product R&D, but is in the perfect position to begin future expansion. To do this, it will be focusing on developing Si based prototypes for conversion to protectable commercial product forms for its clients. Development of products in QuadSil’s lab offers a client opportunity, chemical and engineering expertise, strict performance analysis, technology options, and protection through its strict application of regulations; and it will of course continue to do this even after its expansion. Company: Quadsil Inc Contact: Amberlyn Hales Website: Lab Research and Product Development in Michigan Feb21305 Best Silicone & Silane R&D Company 2021 - USA