Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 19 , Feb21538 At the forefront of a burgeoning and fast-growing industry, GreenTropism is a small but powerful teamdedicated to the development and deployment of AI algorithms that process spectral data to allow qualitative and quantitative analysis across multiple industries. Founder and CEO of GreenTropism, Anthony Boulanger, tells us more about this technology and howhis teamof innovators are utilising it tomake the world greener. Spectrometry refers to the application of spectroscopy - the study of how radiated energy (or light) interacts with matter – to deliver quantifiable results for analysis. A growing industry that is rapidly evolving in terms of both hardware and software, spectroscopy - and NIR spectroscopy in particular - is now used across a multitude of sectors for non-intrusive analysis that can inform strategies or applications. With the insights gained from spectrometry, for instance, businesses can measure the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables, identify the biological origins of textiles, or recognise plastic waste materials for sorting. GreenTropism was founded in Paris in 2014, with a mission to make spectrometry more accessible to businesses by automating the conception of predictive models, creating tools that make spectral analyses user-friendly and the results of those models easy to read. Developing and deploying AI algorithms that can process data predominantly generated by spectrometers working on the Near-Infrared (NIR) spectral range – UV, visible, Raman, LIBS, et cetera – GreenTropism utilises high quality components and efficient technology to facilitate qualitative and quantitative analysis. “Our level of automation of the data processing and the level of innovation in our mathematical approach for AI topics on spectral data is [a key differentiator of GreenTropism],” says Anthony Boulanger, Founder and CEO of GreenTropism, adding to the definitive features of the firm’s innovative technology. Moreover, GreenTropism’s capacity to address an unparalleled range of technologies such as vibrational spectroscopy, atomic spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry further sets the firm apart in its burgeoning market. GreenTropism’s products, integrated with the firm’s AI spectral capacities, are available in a broad range of applications, varying from material sorting and control to contamination detection and falsification control. As such, those products are used by customers across a spectrum of industries that include agro-industries, cosmetics, petrochemistry and fabrics. Among GreenTropism’s cutting- edge products is KAÏSSA, an award-winning artificial intelligence application dedicated to creating chemometrics and spectral analysis models. By choosing and combing the best spectrum pre-treatment algorithms and selecting different modelling strategies, KAÏSSA is able to provide accurate and solid predictive models in only minutes. The app is just one outcome from a busy year of innovation, as Anthony explains: “We have extensively worked on the full automation of data processing, Spectacular Solutions from gathering data from the spectrometer to delivering a high-value and operational interpretation to the end-user. It relies on several innovations, amongst them, spectrometer simulation and predictive maintenance, and ultra-fast screening of data pre-processing and models such as classical PLS, SVM, RVM, and ANN, genetic algorithms as well.” Empowered by this research, GreenTropism is now expanding its capabilities in online processing, so that partners and customers have access to the firm’s proprietary algorithms and software components from the soon-to-be launched web portal. Elsewhere, GreenTropism’s application-based software is also being applied to new innovations, with the introduction of functions like microplastic detection, which will help to avoid water pollution in streams and ecosystems. GreenTropism’s AI will also be applied to a laser- based technology that will enable fast screening of patients for ultrafast pathogens detection, helping to speed up the process of infection control. For Anthony the successful advancement of GreenTropism and its ground-breaking technologies is fundamentally owed to his team of eleven. “All the people at GreenTropism recognise in themselves values of research for excellence, scientific rigor, and creativity,” he explains. “We are doers, and we love to innovate and try new applications on our existing technologies, or to pick ideas in other scientific disciplines that we can assess in combinations within our own fields of expertise.” It is this shared mindset of innovation and progress that has driven GreenTropism forwards through the last seven years, and that will continue to empower this start-up onwards and upwards as it pursues ground-breaking solutions that will improve life on Planet Earth. Contact: Anthony Boulanger Company: GreenTropism Website: Best Spectral Data Processing AI Solutions Provider - Europe & Most Innovative Chemometrics & Spectral Analysis AI Tool 2021: Kaissa