Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 21 Mar21508 Drug development is incredibly complex, and getting quality results in early development has an enormous impact on the speed of programadvancement. Altasciences’ contributions have been influential for many, supporting faster andmore complete drug development decisions. With double award success in GHP’s Biotechnology Awards, we thought we’d take a closer look at this impressive company. There is an enormous industry that has built up around Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), and it has traditionally been siloed in its approach. For sponsors developing new drugs, separate CROs and CDMOs are often engaged, with the sponsor assuming the responsibility of managing and liaising across services and companies. Dealing with separate service providers involves the time-consuming and complex task of transferring data, projects and methodologies. An oversight, delay or error can lead to prolonged R&D timelines, delaying the arrival of potentially life-saving drugs to market. What Altasciences has built is a drug development solution platform that comprises all the services drug development sponsors need to progress their lead candidates through to clinical proof of concept. There are multiple points of entry for sponsors to engage, with a single coordinated response that is easily visualized by all parties. Altasciences’ early phase drug development solution is called Proactive Drug Development. It incorporates comprehensive communication plans and expertly designed roadmaps to get clients from lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept as fast as possible, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality. Altasciences develops a custom roadmap for each program or single study, supported by their proprietary communication platform, central program management and scheduling, and unique organizational structure. They deliver seamless handoffs from milestone to milestone, reducing complexities and saving clients time and money. One of their keys to success is the unique structure of the company, with two executives leading all scientific and operational teams. Leveraging the central scheduling system, Altasciences becomes part of their clients’ operations, dedicated to helping them advance their studies. Needless to say, this innovative approach has spurred company growth and expansion over the last twenty-five years, with more than a thousand employees in North America, collaborating to get better drugs to the people who need them. Altasciences’ mission is to offer a simple solution that removes the need for numerous service providers during the early stages of drug development, and the single platform solution goes a long way to achieving this. To ensure compliance with worldwide regulatory requirements (FDA, HPFB, MHRA, EMA, etc.), Altasciences’ scientists and industry experts stay up to date on all regulatory changes, and remain at the forefront of drug development by participating in associations, and attending and hosting presentations and educational sessions. Altasciences Altasciences provides an integrated solution that truly allows for a more simplified, seamless, and faster journey. They have the talent, resources, processes, and company culture to transform their early phase drug development platform into proven results for clients. Their future plans include continuing development of their portfolio, streamlining the outsourcing paradigm while entering new markets to offer clients a comprehensive solution to speed up their early phase drug development. Altasciences’ continued evolution supports the biotechnology industry in their efforts to develop life-saving medications. Company: Altasciences Web: Email: [email protected] Best Mid-Size Early Phase CRO - North America & Leading Providers of Preclinical Safety Testing Services 2021