Biotechnology Awards 2021

24 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 , StemRx Bioscience Solutions is a pioneer biotech organizationwhich carries excellence in RegenerativeMedicine Cell based Therapies for plethora of chronic diseases and disorders. At StemRx, with the continuous research and development, we believe that this alternative formof medicine (RegenerativeMedicine) will soon be a fundamental pillar in the field ofmedicine. Founded a decade ago, StemRx has now become the leader in Regenerative Medicine & Cell based therapies in India. Dr. Pradeep Mahajan - Founder and Chairman of Dr. Mahajan Hospital & ITC and StemRx group companies doesn’t require any introduction in healthcare industry. He is one of the renowned leading stem cell researcher and an acclaimed stem cell transplant surgeon. Led by Dr Pradeep Mahajan, Chairman and Managing Director of StemRx, the firm is an influential advocate for research in regenerative medicine and its applications in cell-based therapy. StemRx has the vision of providing an integrated approach to medicine that surpasses conventional treatments which aids in leading disease free life with better quality. Regenerative Medicine’s basic principle is to repair/regenerate/ rejuvenate. StemRx acts on the same principle. We believe that rather than killing the cells that have been incurably damaged by chronic diseases, cancers, autoimmune diseases and degenerative, genetic and neurological conditions, these cells can be repaired/ regenerated and rejuvenated and thereby the functionality of the organ can be restored. As such, the body would be able to heal itself using resources that already exist within, hence the StemRx’s mantra is: ‘You carry your own repair kits … in your body’. The Body’s Own Repair Kit Feb21384 Our body carries its own repair kits in the form of stem cells. These stem cells are the building blocks of the body. Ideally speaking as the body is made up of cells, we should treat it with cells and not with pills. StemRx has studied this journey of ‘Pills to Cells’ in depth and thus has developed many treatment protocols in its ‘state of the art’ advanced cell culture GMP facility (licensed by FDA). Because of the fruitful results, within no course of time, StemRx has now its footprints across the globe having various research and healthcare tie-ups with several esteemed organizations. StemRx has several national and international patents to its credit. With numerous national and international research publications, StemRx has collaborated with Ohio state university (United States) for 3D printing technology; Indiana University (United states) for Tissue Nano transfection technology; NMIMS University (Mumbai) for academic and research projects; MUHS - Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (Nashik) for fellowship program in Regenerative Medicine & Cell based therapies and with AIIMS- (All India Institute Of Medical Science, Delhi) for exosomes technology. Quality provides the highest level objective for our system’s function. At StemRx quality is the degree of excellence. Through strict and stringent quality checks, we make sure that quality of the treatment never gets compromised at any cost and thereby we deserve the highest trust value from our patients. Despite various roller coaster rides of several financial and technical challenges, StemRx stood strong and committed towards the goal of achieving healthcare standards. Even now when the whole world is facing the havoc of pandemic caused due to COVID-19, StemRx is playing an important role in developing regenerative based treatment protocols which can help fighting the virus and developing the immunity. The protocols are under the approval belt of regulatory authorities. On a social front we are engaged in providing best possible medicines /sanitizers and masks to people with the message of social distancing. Committed to continuing its development of new molecules, treatment patterns and protocols, with implementation and deployment of cutting-edge technology, StemRx is making vital contributions in treating common and general disorders to the rare and orphan ones. StemRx is assured that sooner or later its contribution in Regenerative Medicine will help opening up the new frontiers in the treatment of many debilitating disorders. Contact: Dr Pradeep V. Mahajan (Chairman & Managing Director) Company: StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt Ltd Web Address: / Email: [email protected] Best Regenerative Medicine & Cell Based Therapies Development Company 2021 & GHP Innovation Excellence Award for Mesenchymal Stem Cells Manufacturing Services 2021