Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 25 Mar21053 Crown Laboratories is a fully-integrated, global company dedicated to Skin Science for Life; a commitment to the development of scientific solutions for healthy and beautiful skin for all. This year, Crown is celebrating success at the Biotechnology Awards 2021 as it prepares for its next exciting phase of new product development initiatives. An innovative leader in the skincare industry, Crown Laboratories is dedicated to building a vast portfolio of comprehensive scientific solutions for healthy skin that lasts a lifetime. The fully integrated and privately held company based in Northeast Tennessee operates from a state-of-the-art R&D lab and manufacturing facility to develop liquid, lotion, cream and ointment-based medications that are proven to treat a myriad of dermatological skin conditions. In order to serve the full spectrum of skincare needs, Crown operates across four central pillars: Aesthetics, Beauty, OTC Therapeutics, and Manufacturing. Across these sectors of expertise, Crown carries out every step of research and analysis to production and packaging. The team of scientists, formulators and commercial experts who oversee each phase of development and manufacturing bring together diverse perspectives and experience to enable complete integration, which has made Crown a favorite ‘one-stop’ service for the skincare industry. By fully integrating its capabilities, Crown is able to monitor and maintain every step of its processes. By adhering to environmental and FDA regulations, the team ensures they are using the best ingredients for people and the planet. For Crown, its people are the driving force of the organization’s global successes, as they uphold its core values of diversity, accountability, excellence, teamwork, work-life balance, and character. The team is made up of individuals who are devoted to the advancement of dermatological science and Crown. In return, Crown creates a workplace that is proactively supportive, with opportunities for progression and growth, and a culture of unity. Crown is stronger and more innovative as One Team, and better as One Crown. Over the last few years, Crown has applied its ‘One Crown’ philosophy to its commitment to its community, having made significant investments in its own facility and throughout the community. As a result, Crown is one of the largest employers in Northeast Tennessee, and to maintain its growth, it has made several capital improvements which have benefitted the region enormously. In the last three years alone, the Crown team has doubled in size, recruiting established professionals and recent graduates alike, and taking its company global and thereby putting Northeast Tennessee on the map for skincare therapies. A partnership with the ETSU Innovation Lab has further enhanced this growth as Crown’s laboratories have seen significant investments that have enabled the addition of MDs and PhDs to the team, and new instrumentation and technology to its resources. Consequently, production has increased by 300%, with schedules becoming 24/6 to facilitate this rise. Crowning Glory This growth is only expected to continue, as Crown prepares to launch new products throughout the year ahead. Building on the success of products such as Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, Crown’s premier mineral sunscreen franchise, the firm is due to expand its range of aesthetic treatments, sunscreens, anti-itch, sunless tanner beauty products, acne treatments, anti-fungal medications and more. Thus, with an exciting year ahead that has already begun with success at the Biotechnology Awards 2021, Crown is optimistic about its leading position in the busy and flourishing skincare industry. By consistently striving for innovation that will effectively serve its global clientele, we can undoubtedly expect Crown to retain that position for many years to come. Contact: Jill McGonigle Company: Crown Laboratories, Inc. Web: Best Skin Care Product Contract Development &Manufacturing Company – USA