Biotechnology Awards 2021

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 7 Changing Lives Through Science and Education used worldwide, the completion of CBE’s programme merits a globally accredited certificate. A favoured choice across the world for both financially secure and poorer nations and regions, CBE is helping to decrease the educational lag that has been born from the pandemic, while simultaneously honouring its initial commitment to assist aspiring young scientists in their ambitions for a career within their prospective fields, as well as supporting industry professionals advance their own careers. One such expertly curated and responsibly priced platform is the ONUMMIX®, that was launched in August 2020 as a trademark of CBE that would integrate the field of Immunogenomics into the company’s portfolio. The first international Immunogenomics and Pharmacogenomics e-learning platform ever created, ONUMMIX focuses on key areas within these fields, exploring the role of biomarkers along with the latest advancements, discoveries and scientific breakthroughs across the industry. Through this platform, CBE strives to carry out profound research that can contribute to global medical research efforts in developing both preventative and therapeutic strategies for previously insurmountable illnesses. As the demand for online learning grows, CBE continues to develop affordable, leading education programmes into niche but promising fields of science, that give users the edge they need to advance and remain competitive in a saturated job market and fast-moving industry. Following the success of ONUMMIX and CBE’s other active platforms, the firm is set to launch the CBEHx platform this year, which will offer new learning courses and programmes, while CBEedu, which is also due to be launched in the near future, will offer innovative and interactive resources specialising in education around the CRISPR- Cas9 systems. In addition, CBE is also engaged in the creation of several software-based programmes and plans that will soon offer user-friendly genomics platforms and tools. Life Changing Collaboration In order to curate the resources, knowledge and capabilities that have facilitated both the pioneering research into CRISPR-Cas9 technology and the creation of a global, academic ecosystem, CBE relies on its mutually beneficial partnerships with leading publishing houses, academic journals, universities and research institutes. The contributions of these parties are vital in CBE’s aims to create a network in which students, scientists, researchers, industry professionals and more from diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives can come together to share insights and benefit from collective and independent learning. It is this unique ecosystem that has been instrumental in earning CBE global recognition and accolades and will continue to propel the organisation as it becomes a worldwide business and leading pioneer of its sector. As with any business operating in the fields of technology, innovation, and science, CBE has faced its fair share of challenges. For some, online learning is boring; others may face technical difficulties while navigating a course; and potential customers are often unaware of the courses launched and the opportunities offered by businesses like CBE. The online education sector as a whole is often criticised for not offering the same practical engagement as in-person teaching, and courses often lack quality or accreditation. Many do not have any indication or qualifications at the end of a course to confirm completion. At CBE, there exists a collaborative culture that is united by a shared vision to revolutionise online learning, beginning with opening up accessibility to all. A positive, energetic working environment that is powered by innovation and collective idea creation, CBE treasures each of its employees as its most valuable asset, which has helped to create a content- rich learning experience that is effective, relevant, accessible, and positively reputed across the world. It is the team that has successfully married industry leading knowledge from some of the best scientific minds of the world with memorable illustrations, graphics and multimedia to make the courses engaging, interesting, and truly unforgettable. As science and research progresses, so too does the course offering, as CBE’s team of technical experts updates its teaching at the same rate as the evolution of its industry. Meanwhile, CBE has a dedicated customer support team that is on hand to assist customers with any difficulties that they might face while using the software or navigating through the course. The firm’s experienced marketing team is also dedicated to effectively managing the promotion of products and services launched by the company to its potential customers. Moreover, the team behind the platforms are able to help students and researchers to correlate the theoretical and practical knowledge of the e-learning courses through dedicated modules that allow subscribers to design their own experiments. As the capabilities of its platforms expands and its international reputation for excellence spreads, CBE as an organisation is similarly growing, with recruitment of top talent currently a key strategy employed by the firm. Candidates are recruited based on strong skillsets and transparency in their own mission and goals which align with those of CBE. The process of recruitment is meticulous, and the result is a thriving workplace which has positioned CBE and its Founder and Director, Martina Fabricci, at the forefront of the industry. Martina has led CBE to monumental success in a relatively short time span, she herself winning the ‘Woman Who Achieves Awards’ as Start-up of the Year and the ‘Woman Business Conference Awards’ for the Innovation Category. Her success is only enhanced by commendations by bodies of judges for Martina’s successes in an industry that is famously male dominated, yet is making great strides towards greater equality, thanks to efforts by the likes of Martina. She has also been selected as a finalist in the SME National Business Awards as ‘Young Business person of the Year’, the results of which are to be announced later in 2021. As for CBE, the firm is able to add its most recent success at the Biotechnology Awards 2021 to its roster of previous awards, such as being finalist for ‘Medtech Start-Up of the Year’ at the Wales Start-Up Awards. Along with features in national publications and collaborations with leading academic institutions, these successes are testament to the hard work of CBE so far, and the exciting promise of what lies ahead. Contact: Martina Fabricci (Founder and Director) Company: CRISPR Biotech Engineering Web: