Biotechnology Awards 2021

8 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 , SIRION Biotech is an award-winning company with the ambition of improving viral vector technology solutions across the board. Following its win of both the ‘Best Biotech AAV & LV Vector Optimization Specialists’ for 2021 and the ‘Best Therapeutic Cell Lentiviral Transduction Enhancement Solution’ for its product LentiBOOST ® , we reflect on its successes past and present. Improving Cell and Gene Therapy Treatments Worldwide SIRION Biotech started its business in 2007 in Munich, beginning to work towards its goal of creating a new generation of viral vector technological solutions. This is something it continues to follow to this day, creating viral vectors for cell therapy, gene therapy, and vaccine development. As a result, SIRION has developed several exemplary and industry leading processes that champion novel, all-encompassing viral vector platforms and solutions for adeno-associated virus, lentivirus, and adenovirus, all with the goal of expediting its partners’ forward momentum in drug development, cosmetics, and the food industry. These innovations and SIRION’s sophisticated, elegant technical prowess, has allowed it to complete over 2200 projects of various scales with businesses around the world ranging from start-ups to well established global leaders ̶ offering them both fee-for-service and technology licensing options. It also serves academia, with significant academic institutions Jan21344 and laboratories forming part of its 200 independent customer groups. SIRION has earned a reputation for working to improve its client’s clinical success. Thanks to this commitment to its customers and the breakthroughs it has made in its field, SIRION has cemented itself as Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of viral vectors. Offering its services for both research purposes and practical applications, SIRION’s clientele are wide ranging and diverse, and its R&D team are also active in the fields of AAV vector optimization and design for clinical compliance. This is part of upstream and downstream process development for AAV, AV, and Lentivirus manufacture, and allows it to offer expansive and thorough solutions. First and foremost, SIRION considers one of its most imperative roles to be enabling cell and gene therapy partners to do their best and most effective work. In this way, it enables their progress by developing the most successful vectors for applications, helping its client’s products to market as quickly as possible. Headquartered in Martinsried near Munich, the company has subsidiaries in Boston and Paris, and agents in Tokyo, Seoul, and Tel Aviv. As well as locational growth, its organization has been growing in repute within its field. Recently, its work with the AAV Evolution Program in partnership with Professor Dirk Grimm at Heidelberg University Medical Centre has Best Biotech AAV & LV Vector Optimization Specialists 2021 & Best Therapeutic Cell Lentiviral Transduction Enhancement Solution: LentiBoost® Lentivirus