Biotechnology Awards 2022

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 11 , Jan22220 Bleunomics, the company behind one of the leading clinical drug discoverymethods, has made a name for itself bymaking datamapping easier, quicker, andmore accurate. By not having to rely on their research staff to do this and leaving it to its specially calibrated program instead, researchers can save time andmoney, eliminating human error. Bleunomics’ programalso offers incredibly useful andmethodologically excellent visualisations of the results it gathers, allowing researchers to get a comprehensive view of the data and its results at a glance without having the trawl through thousands of raw data points. Leading Specialists in Computational Genomics & Data Driven Drug Discovery - USA Combining therapeutics and DNA computing, Bleunomics offers a computational approach to clinical drug discovery that works with sophistication and diligence to create a leading drug discovery pipeline like no other. Critically, its efforts have developed pipelines that target the clinical level, working with potential partners for validating data and submitting FDA INDs and 510ks for new drugs, devices, tools, and discoveries. In a world still reeling from the pandemic, a company like Bleunomics developing better and more watertight ways to discover contemporary medical innovations is more important than ever – and it recognises this – responding by ensuring that its drug discovery process is a comprehensive solution informed by a variety of complex technologies. Empowered by DNA Computing, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Computational Therapeutics, Data Validation, and Clinical Delivery, each facet that makes up the whole of the pipelines it offers has been rigorously developed over the course of strictly controlled studies done by incredible, professional, tenacious minds. Fundamentally, this allows it to design complex DNA computing and genotyping chipsets, as well as storage methods, working extensively to allow a holistic approach to finding the required data from a study and analysing it appropriately in a manner that gives usable results. Currently, Bleunomics is also working hard to integrate genomic mapping and sequencing into its pipelines, targeting a variety of different genetic mutations and disorders in order to learn more about them. This has secured its place as a front runner of modern medical technology for researchers and medical peers all across the industry; it has been able to contribute this work to the Genbank sequence for BankIt2430198 Lepisosteus MW62911 as well as to independent sequences from other researchers’ data such as from FASTA data pools. Moreover, its thorough data analysis and visualisations allow a research professional the ability to get a birds-eye-view of the data through relevant graphs and visual representations of the findings that are calibrated to show the team everything they need to know, from the prevailing trends to the anomalies. Utilising extensive data visualisation software in order to do this, its other techniques and capabilities empower the efficacy of this program, able to map genomic data in a user intuitive manner that integrates statistical methodologies in order to create a scientifically invaluable resource for further study. Bleunomics, is short, is a modern company creating the data pipelines of the future, and it is endlessly excited to see where its current innovations can take its clients and the research sector at large in the future. Company: Bleunomics Contact: Andrew Kamal Website: