Biotechnology Awards 2022

14 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 Jan22215 Leo Cancer Care was founded withmore than 100 years of Radiation Therapy experience by a teamdedicated to challenging the norms. We find out more about this pioneering company and its innovative product range as we speak to Co-Founder, RockMackie and CEO, Stephen Towe as it wins this prestigious award. Originally founded in Australia, Leo Cancer Care has been built on research from across the globe showing the clinical benefits of upright patient positioning. Combining this with a shift from machine rotation to patient rotation, Leo Cancer Care is set to change the face of Radiation Therapy for good. “Patients’ lives influence us to find a better way, a better way to improve patient care and how a patient experiences it,” explains Thomas ‘Rock’ Mackie, Chairman and Co-Founder of the organisation. “A better way to increase the accessibility of cancer treatments for more patients in more places. We believe our technology is that better way. Our family of world class products can provide a streamlined and efficient treatment while making the patient feel in control and hopeful.” Rock is Professor Emeritus of Medical Physics and Human Oncology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and serial entrepreneur who has co-founded many not-for-profit and for-profit organisations. Rock co-founded TomoTherapy in 1997, an imageguided intensity modulated radiotherapy machine company, and was Chair of the Board from founding through exit. Rock was also awarded the ASTRO Gold Medal in 2019 for his service to the field of radiation oncology. “It’s estimated that we spend two thirds of our lives upright, on our feet or seated,” begins Stephen Towe, CEO of Leo Cancer Care. “The clinical evidence is clear; our bodies naturally move less in the upright position. When targeting a cancerous tumour, this reduction in motion allows us to be more accurate when targeting radiation.” Stephen Towe is the Chief Executive Officer and CoFounder of Leo Cancer Care. Having successfully driven the design of the Leo Cancer Care technology in Australia Stephen took over the role of CEO in 2018. Since then, Stephen has led the expansion of Leo across both the US and Europe. He has a successful track record of delivering the most innovative products in radiotherapy, having led development teams in the completion and release of the Elekta Unity MRI guided radiotherapy system. Meet Marie™ Leo Cancer Care’s innovative products have been designed with the patient in mind. Named after Marie Curie, a pioneer in radiotherapy, the Marie™ Particle Therapy solution combines Leo Cancer Care’s sophisticated, upright patient positioning system and dual-energy diagnostic quality CT. Utilizing a fixed beam and patient rotation means the treatment machine does not require a large gantry and can be installed in new and existing treatment facilities, quickly and easily. With the inclusion of stateof-the-art software, designed with the company’s partners at Cosylab, combined with its bespoke technology, the GUI is fast, intuitive and simple to use, bringing even more efficiencies to the clinical environment. The benefits to being treated in an upright position are emotional, as well as clinical, as Stephen elaborates, “Humans feel most empowered when they are upright or on their feet, we believe that cancer patients should be able to face cancer in this way, eye to eye with their clinician and able to take in their surroundings.” Meet Ruby™ Likewise, the Ruby™ photon therapy solution, named after Ruby Payne-Scott, a pioneer of radio physics and radio astronomy, is the complete upright treatment solution: a real-time, image-guided photon radiotherapy treatment system. “We are making Photon Therapy more accessible than ever before, Ruby™ can be supplied fully-shielded, which means bunkers can be a thing of the past,” says Rock. “We understand that workflow is everything so our of state-ofthe-art control system combines imaging, positioning and treatment delivery into a simple, intuitive workflow allowing clinicians to spend more time thinking about patients.” Meet Aida™ Finally, the Aida™ radiology solution named after Florence Ada Stoney, the first female radiologist in the United Kingdom who served as the Head of x-ray departments in makeshift hospitals throughout World War I, is a versatile multi-axis computed tomography scanner and patient positioning system which allows for imaging in the seated, perched, standing and recumbent positions. “This versatile solution will provide clinicians with highquality, 3D images that can image the full body with the opportunity to scan in various positions to ensure the most accurate detection, diagnosis and follow-up of patients’ condition, treatment outcomes and recovery progress. Award Winners Recently, Leo Cancer Care was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Biotechnology Awards 2022 for its pioneering technologies which have been designed to improve the patients treatment experience, whilst also improving their chances of survival, when facing cancer. Contact: Fiona Redford Email: [email protected] Company: Leo Cancer Care Web Address: Most Innovative Radiation Therapy Provider UK