Biotechnology Awards 2022

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 15 , Jan22253 With headquarters in Ålesund, Norway, and branches in Oslo, Chicago, Mumbai, Tokyo, Zurich andMenlo Park, California, Hofseth Biocare ASA operates in the industry of sustainable marine biotech by processingmarine rawmaterial into products to enhance global health. Dr Crawford Currie talks to us about the company and its incredible work. Best Sustainable Biotech Company 2022 Founded on the core values of sustainability, traceability, and optimal utilisation of natural resources, Hofseth Biocare (HBC) has been conducting research, healthcare innovation, and new product development for more than 15 years. HBC has been progressively shifting its sales away from basic animal feeds towards the exclusive supplements market for human health. It preserves the quality of the lipids, proteins, lipo-proteins and calcium/collagen from fresh salmon off-cuts unlike any other organisation of its kind. Today, production and supply chains in salmon production generate an enormous amount of waste. HBC’s ingredients are based on by-products from aquaculture food production, which would otherwise have been considered as such. By finding a new use for these products, HBC can minimize all these side streams and contribute to upcycling of fresh sashimi grade fish that just misses out on being used as food. “We are transforming the part of the fish that is not used in the production of fillet, portions and sashimi slices, into high value health nutritional products for people and pets,” says Dr Crawford Currie, Head of Medical R&D. “Off-cuts from salmon were once regarded an input source for a fish meal, or at best, for pet feed. We have now demonstrated that unsurprisingly, there are unique properties found in fresh fish, that can form the basis of new consumer health products and possibly even provide leads for new drug development .” Collaborative research is ongoing in multiple clinics and university research labs in a number of countries. Lead clinical studies are assessing the potential to improve health outcomes in respiratory diseases including asthma & Covid19-patients as well as reducing inflammation and improving Gastro-Intestinal (GI) health. HBC’s research also points to therapeutic effects relevant to sarcopenia, anaemia and restless leg syndrome. HBC’s mission is to explore the medical and pharmaceutical potential of unique molecules discovered in its ingredients, derived from their patent-protected, innovative hydrolysis technology. Management is confident that its research work in collaboration with world leading universities & academic institutions will form the basis for new pharmaceutical drugs in the future. In addition to this, HBC is already developing the consumer health market with these new innovative ingredients already available across Europe, North and South America and Asia, in total over 40 different countries. “Our patented enzymatic hydrolysis process is able to process very large amounts of raw material into 100% human grade ingredients capable of significantly enhancing human health,” Dr Currie continues. “The incomparable access to fresh salmon is the key to maximize the quality of the end product. Hence our patents and demonstrated health benefits shouldn’t come as a surprise” he says. “The production starts with the transportation of our precious raw material directly from our own salmon processing factory, in our own certified, clean bins, several times a day to ensure optimal flow of fresh off-cuts.” Recently, HBC was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Biotechnology Awards and named Best Sustainable Biotech Company 2022 for its groundbreaking research work, and Dr Currie is excited about what the future holds for the firm. “Proudly, we say ‘This Is Different!’” he enthuses, “and in our case, different is better and unique! Our approach to research, our technology and hence our ingredient output set us apart from any comparable companies. Fresh fish raw material, with minimal processing makes unique products with differentiated one-of-a-kind health benefits. We strive to live by and highlight this difference!” Contact: Dr Crawford Currie Company: Hofseth Biocare ASA