Biotechnology Awards 2022

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 17 , Jan22685 Since its founding in 2008, KEEENBIOTECHGROUP has immersed itself in an abundance of research involving biotechnology. Throughout the course of its operations, it has developed numerous industry-changing products through innovative research, partnerships, and expertise. Fromoil spills to industrial cleaning products, KEEENBIOTECHGROUP prioritises sustainability, community, and the future. Most Innovative Biotechnology & Life Sciences Company - Asia Pacific Since its birth, KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP has been paving the way for bio-organic technology. The company works to develop sustainable and purposeful solutions that are wholly green based upon its motto, “Nature-based innovation that leads to a comprehensive range of products and services that care for hygiene and the environment.” Indeed, the company has stood proudly at the forefront of the industry for many years, supplying a vast array of biotechnology solutions. Home to numerous products that are suitable across a variety of industries, KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP has dabbled in products for the marine industry, education, farming, and food processing. Furthermore, its subsidiary business group also turns Bio-Industry into end products for consumers, cultivating a safe and healthy lifestyle. This includes household products, food safety, personal hygiene, and Health & Wellness products. Each have been crafted to both improve hygiene standards via setting a higher expectation for performance and cost effectiveness. In 2008 the company joined forces with The National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, where they contributed to biotechnology research and development to better solve environmental issues. More recently, however, the Covid-19 pandemic provided the opportunity for the company collaborate with various agencies and organisations in order to design and introduce higher hygiene standards. The company is enthusiastic about the work it undertakes and constantly strives to propel not only itself but the industry forward. Simply, its work is capable of changing industries, households, and the globe. Of course, this is greatly beneficial in an industry that requires a vast number of qualifications and credentials. KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP’s success is further bolstered by its experience with oil spill responses – a rare yet incredibly beneficial skillset. The company has produced a range of products that aid in the clean-up of oil spills, including Oil Spill Control, which consists of high-performance enzymes and micro-organisms that are capable of degrading fuel oil molecules and various decomposed organic impurities. Henceforth, this product and technology has been used across Asia in oil spillage disasters. As its products are used internationally by numerous businesses it is imperative that KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP complies with the unique legislations and regulations that are found across the globe. For example, the company works in accordance with the FDA (Consumer safety), ISO (Quality standard), ECOCERT (Natural standard, EU), and NSF (Food safety standard, USA.) In turn, this guarantees that the company only puts out a safe and effective product. As our mantra, “The Stronger side of Green”, we knew problem come from and we offered more solution better. The new standard will arrive to all its kinds. Contact: Dr. Watson Ariyaphuttarat Company: KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP Web Address: