Biotechnology Awards 2022

26 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 Jan22271 For a full realm, clinical experience it can be difficult to navigate the waters of biopharmaceutical development. At the cutting edge of the clinical industry, there stands BioPharma Services Inc. whichmakes a huge, unwavering effort to switch up the pace of the biopharmaceutical sector. Here we speak to Vice President and Global Quality and Privacy Officer, Jo Ann Di Sensi, about the company as it reaches newheights. As a full service clinical research company, BioPharma Services Inc. facilitates the exponential growth of not only the individuals or companies involved, but also the industry as a whole. BioPharma conducts clinical trials from study design setup to clinical trial execution, data management, medical writing, pharmacokinetics and biostatistics, protocol developments, and clinical conduct bioanalysis. The company executes hundreds of BA/BE (Bioavailability and Bioequivalence) studies and Phase 1 studies each year. Head of the Quality Assurance Department and overseer of QA clinic facilities – in Missouri and Toronto – Vice President, Global Quality Assurance and Privacy Officer, Jo Ann Di Sensi, tells us, “BioPharma Services Inc.’s culture and its success stems from the dedication of the team.” Overall, the company is “striving to support and respect colleagues to grow. BioPharma Services empowers them to improve productivity. It is this that is the backbone of the team and company.” Jo Ann is very much a driving force in the company as she understands the way the industry is evolving. However, the entire team is consistently pulling together in, as Jo Ann tells us, “such a fast paced industry.” This is something that BioPharma always has in mind, with everything that it does. Focusing on the incredible achievement of being acquired by Think Research in June 2021, BioPharma is celebrating its work with the clinical content and technology company that is on a mission to organise the world’s healthcare expertise. Think Research produces and delivers data via connected technology solutions that enable BioPharma Services’ to progress and adapt to an innovative world of biopharmaceuticals. This has been a monumental milestone for BioPharma, and it will continue to promote its growth. With Think Research supporting BioPharma, there has been a huge development in the biopharmaceutical world as well as within the company. This allows the ease of projects such as the implementation of electronic Quality Management Software (eQMS) document compliance, and cloud based compliance management systems. This solution involves data from subjects and researchers that can support the industry in ways that have never been done before. Going digital has allowed BioPharma to improve in “leaps and bounds,” says Jo Ann. This growth is truly transformative for BioPharma Services as well as the industry overall, as the world of data evolves and morphs into a more positive place for everyone. Think Research features solutions that are shifting the industry. Jo Ann tells us that “the use of paper databases have become archaic.” This is something that definitely needs to be phased out as the use of paper can mean that more errors are made. “This is a huge benefit as it increases document control and profits,” Jo Ann shares. There are plenty of CROs (Contract Research Organizations) that are still using the archaic, paper systems and this is how mistakes are made. BioPharma has the ability to save time, reduce human error, and spread a more time and cost effective technology amongst its organization. Throughout the pandemic, BioPharma implemented SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that have been “preventative measures among staff members and volunteers to ensure a safe working environment,” Jo Ann says. “This prompted everyone to work harder as a team effort to get through the pandemic successfully together.” BioPharma Services’ tight-knit team has been strongly motivated through and through and has carried it through the tough times that we have seen in the past couple of years. The regulations that BioPharma conform to comply with Good Lab Practices (GLP) and Good Clinical Practices (GCP). Its employees have rigorous training from the start of their employment throughout their career. It has a strong quality assurance team to make sure audits are carried out daily, monthly, quarterly and annually to stay up to date with all legislations. This keeps BioPharma at the forefront of the industry and is one of the reasons why BioPharma has consistently been an awardwinning company. BioPharma Services has received rewards in multiple categories of Life Science Leader’s CRO Leadership Awards and has featured in the Pharma Tech Outlook Awards, most recently as Top CRO 2022. For this year and beyond, there are huge plans to implement cloud and digital database systems throughout the company alongside the influence that it has on the industry. This will better not only BioPharma, but it will benefit a wide variety of companies who seek to develop therapeutic solutions for all. Contact: Carol Estwick Company: BioPharma Services Inc. Web Address: Leading Providers of Pharma Product Clinical Trial Services 2022 & Life Science eQMS Cloud Platform 2022: Dot Compliance BioPharma Services Inc.