Biotechnology Awards 2022

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 29 , Feb22469 Astaxanthin is said to have numerous health benefits, with the teamat Algalif singing its praises. They produce sustainable natural astaxanthin frommicroalgae in a state-of-the-art facility in the crystal clean environment in Iceland. In the Biotechnology Awards fromGHP, it has brought them remarkable success over the years. We dig a little deeper to discover how their natural and sustainable approach has built the basis of a business empire. Best Natural Astaxanthin Products Supplier 2022 Based in Iceland, the team at Algalif have gone a long way to ensuring that their products are as sustainable as possible. It’s an approach that lies at the heart of their operation, as it depends on the natural world to secure success. There cannot be many organisations that follow such a strict Zero-emission environmental policy, using only 100% green geothermal energy and clean natural water at every stage of production. Whilst to many, this might seem like a limiting approach, the Algalif team have been able to produce 1500 kg of pure sustainable natural astaxanthin annually, and this immense amount continues to grow as demand increases. Selling to B2B customers shows that their work is in demand not purely because of customer trends, but because business can rely on the consistent quality of what is delivered to them. What began as a humble biotechnical Startup has grown over the years into an industry leader. To ensure these high standards, the team have had to ensure quality assurance is absolute. Every batch of astaxanthin is tested within the company laboratory, with the highly controlled environment ensuring that delivery of orders is reliable and accurate. Now, when the company is nearly ten years old, the world of biotechnology has changed a great deal. To keep up with new opportunities that make production more efficient, Algalíf has involved a great deal of research and development. This continual drive for improvement has been crucial to ensuring that the business has been able to thrive. This growth has seen Algalif change its approach significantly. Last year, the team started construction on the expansion of a new facility to allow it to expand its operation, potentially producing 5000 kg of pure sustainable natural astaxanthin annually. This shift would make the company the world’s largest producer of natural astaxanthin. Having this increased capacity is incredibly important to the team as customers are other companies in various positions in the supply chain. Any delay from Algalif would have an impact further down the line. That’s why reliability is one of Algalíf´s core values, along with quality and sustainability. Such high standards have created a business which is highly sought after as a workplace. Many people want to work with the Algalif team, drawn in by their commitment to quality, their drive to grow and their environmental credentials. The team is always looking for new talent with specialist skills too, paying competitive salaries to hire the best of the best. To get the best of their staff, there is minimal hierarchy, with all managers accessible to everyone and clear internal channels. The result is a business where job satisfaction is incredibly high. Algalif is proud to be the biggest algae production company in Iceland and one of the biggest in Europe. It has achieved this without the need for unsustainable methods of working and by inspiring their workforce to operate in a way that is not only flexible, but continues to push forward. The growth of this amazing firm is not yet over, with plans for a new 7,000m2 building to add to the 5,500m2 property that is already in operation. The new building is already eracted and will be in full use by the end of next year. The work of this team is invaluable to many, offering a way for people around the globe to live healthier and more fulfilling lives through its products. Company: Algalif Iceland Name: Svavar Halldorsson Email: [email protected] Web Address: