Biotechnology Awards 2022

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 3 Contents , Contents 4. Kiffik Biomedical, Inc: Best Biomarker Monitoring Interstitial Fluid Developer - North America 8. Arctoris Ltd: Leading Innovator in Data- Driven Drug Discovery 9. Snthesis, Inc: Bridging the gap between Data Collection and Data Analysis 10. Meteoric: Best Enzymes & Enzymatic Preparations Specialist - Asia 11. Bleunomics: Leading Specialists in Computational Genomics & Data Driven Drug Discovery - USA 12. Altasciences: Most Innovative Global CRO/ CDMO 2022 13. Dr. Mike Zurawski: Stem Cell Therapy Innovators of the Year - UK 14. Leo Cancer Care: Most Innovative Radiation Therapy Provider UK 15. Hofseth Biocare ASA: Best Sustainable Biotech Company 2022 16. Exquisite Biomedical Consulting: Best Clinical & Economical Evidence Generation Consulting Firm 2022 17. KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP: Most Innovative Biotechnology & Life Sciences Company - Asia Pacific 18. Lowen’s Natural Skincare: Best Natural Skincare Product Brand – Western Canada 19. Ochre Bio: Leading Developer of Genomic Medicine 2022 20. PDXen Biosystems: Best In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Manufacturer – Korea & Best Cancer Patient Care Plaform (Korea): PDXCTM 21. ResBiotic: Most Innovative Probiotic Supplement Product 2022: resB™ Lung Support 22. FAScinate: Most Pioneering Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Development Company 2022 23. GENETICA US: Best AI-Powered Genetic Testing Biotech Company - USA 24. ICGEN Antibodies: Leading Innovators in Polyclonal Antibody Production 2022 25. MediMusic: Best AI-Based Music Neuroscience Solution 2022: MediMusic 26. BioPharma Services Inc: Leading Providers of Pharma Product Clinical Trial Services 2022 & Life Science eQMS Cloud Platform 2022: Dot Compliance 27. MiracleCord: Best Cord Blood Bank 2022 - USA 28. ValiRx PLC: Best Cancer & Women’s Health Treatments Developer – UK 29. Algalif Iceland: Best Natural Astaxanthin Products Supplier 2022 30. Rubedo Life Sciences: Leading Innovators in Senescent Cell Targeting Therapies 2022