Biotechnology Awards 2022

4 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 , Interstitial fluid plays a major role in the way the body works but developing ways of gaining access to this vital part of our anatomy has been incredible complex. Kiffik Biomedical, Inc has plans to leverage leading studies on which scientific development can be advanced. In GHP’s Biotechnology Awards 2022, the team at Kiffik has strived to reach truly remarkable results. We take a closer look at how their developments will push the medical industry to new and unprecedented breakthroughs. Interstitial fluid is a vital, yet often forgotten part of our anatomy. This fluid can be found between blood vessels and cells, containing various nutrients that keep us alive. On average, a person has about 11 liters (2.4 imperial gallons or about 2.9 U.S. gal) of interstitial fluid that provide the cells of the body with nutrients and a means of waste removal, yet for its proliferation, many do not know much about it, and those who do are aware that there is much more yet to be discovered. The team behind Kiffik Biomedical have found themselves at the forefront of providing continuous noninvasive access to this essential bio-fluid thanks to the knowledge and skill they have gained over the years. Kiffik Biomedical has developed a new device that is wearable and offers continuous access to native interstitial fluid in both humans and animals. Being able to cleanly extract this bio-fluid has allowed its founder and chief scientist to make incredible progress, patenting technology that will revolutionize the collection of this impressive resource. Interstitial fluid has been proven to contain both systemic and unique biomarkers and compared to other bodily fluids, provides a tremendous amount of value for the advancement of medicine in a variety of areas. Interstitial fluid has recently been defined as the largest organ in the human body, with more than 3000 biomarkers identified, it is a vast resource for bio-information. With analytes from simple ions to immunoglobulins and immune system cells, this tiny, but mighty part of who we are can tell us an enormous amount about our current health and how we are living. The development of this innovative technology to further explore both human and animal interstitial fluid is the “engine” behind Kiffik Biomedical’s market strategy and future success. This strategy includes exploring options to license their intellectual property to companies interested in wearable technologies and Best Biomarker Monitoring Interstitial Fluid Developer - North America affords the company the opportunity to develop new personal health monitoring platforms while speeding up the development of medical and life science solutions for a variety of disease states. Incorporating two patented, distinct technologies –Kiffik’s Electroporation and Extractor technology has been proven to offer transformative diagnostic advantages that can accelerate the understanding of chronic disease and the discovery of biopharmaceutical solutions. The impact of using these incredible devices is certain to have farreaching applications, as already mentioned in terms of monitoring pathogens for chronic and critically ill patients, developing new vaccines and providing artificial organ replacement. Additionally, the science and patents that support Kiffik’s device have demonstrated potential for future therapeutic applications via transdermal drug delivery. For the first time ever, extraction of ISF with all its components will be available for multiple health scenarios. This addition to the medical professional’s toolkit opens the door to a range of opportunities. For scientists, physicians, veterinarians, and hospital professionals, there is the chance to perform continuous or periodic monitoring of critical biomarkers. Biotechnologists will have the opportunity to produce antibodies, other therapeutic molecules, and therapeutic cells such as lymphocytes. Companies exploring pharmaceutical drug development in preclinical through phase 3 studies will benefit from this technology too. It has the potential to be quite the gamechanger for the healthcare industry, and it’s one which the team is determined to see used for the benefit of as many people as possible. By successfully completing the process of researching and prototyping their idea, Kiffik Biomedical has pushed open the doors into a world of exciting opportunity. The next stage of commercializing for Kiffik’s technology has already begun, with engineering for a