Biotechnology Awards 2022

8 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 , Jan22248 Since its inception, Arctoris has been driven by a relentless pursuit to make drug discovery better. An industry where bringing a single drug to market costs more than $2 billion, and the success rates for actually doing so are below 5% must be reimagined. The key to doing so is leveraging technology: the same tools that have revolutionised so many other industries can now be harnessed to bring the drug discovery process into the 21st century. To this end, Arctoris has developed a unique research platform – one that combines robotics, data science, and machine learning – to generate better drugs in shorter timeframes. The foundation? Nothing less but a complete reimagination of how we approach the concept of data in the biotech and pharma industry – moving from decisions made based on small, poor quality, incompletely annotated datasets to ML-derived insights built on massive, proprietary, fully annotated and contextualised data generated in real-time. In its Oxford facility, Arctoris uses its research platform, Ulysses, to conduct experiments in full automation, generating data of sector-defining quality and depth in cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry/ biophysics. The core processes automated by Arctoris enable drug discovery programmes to move from target ID to target validation, hit ID, hit-to-lead, and lead optimisation within an accelerated timeframe. Importantly, Arctoris captures more and richer data with every experiment, including not only the primary results data, but also valuable metadata, such as environmental parameters, exact timings and assay performance data. In fact, Arctoris captures 100x more data per experiment compared to industry standard, which means critical decisions (such as which target to focus on, which hit to choose, which lead compound to progress, and which candidate to select) can be made with greater confidence. This leads to improved success rates in both the company’s wholly-owned and partnered discovery programmes. Throughout the pandemic, another aspect of the company’s focus on automation became apparent: increased resilience. While many researchers struggled to complete their projects with social distancing and labs in lockdowns, Arctoris’s automated platform generated data 24/7, without a single day of paused research progress. Looking at the wider ecosystem, Arctoris is part of a small group of companies leading the field in data-driven drug discovery. The success of Recursion Pharmaceuticals and Insitro demonstrates that the combination of robotics and data science is a winning one, joining Arctoris in shaping the future of drug discovery. In summary, Arctoris is an industry leader in data-driven drug discovery, leveraging its unique platform, Ulysses, to reimagine the discovery and development from idea to the clinic. With its experienced team and sector-defining technology, Arctoris is a true pioneer in 21st century drug discovery, with a mission to bring better drugs to patients faster. Company: Arctoris Ltd Contact: [email protected] Website: Leading Innovator in DataDriven Drug Discovery Arctoris, a biotech company headquartered in Oxford and Boston, has developed a novel techenabled platform for accelerated drug discovery and development. Combining advanced robotics and state-of-the-art data science and computational techniques, Arctoris is one of a small number of pioneers leading the way in data-driven drug discovery. This unique approach is the result of a convergence in several key trends in technology and biology, which are starting to effect a significant shift in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Augmenting human scientists with the power of automation and AI enables companies to design better molecules, progress programmes faster, and thereby help bring new and better treatments to patients sooner. Leading innovators like Arctoris make this shift a reality.