Biotechnology Awards 2023

Biotechnology Awards 2023 Apollon Health Advisors M IKE: Medical Tourism Company of the Year 2023 Coloplus AB: Best Therapeutic Food Products Developer - Nordics

With the importance of biotechnologies continuously rising and becoming fundamental in our daily lives, the Biotechnology Awards, proudly hosted by GHP, will once again shine a light on the leading innovators who are playing an integral role within the industry for the eighth year running! Biological science and technology solutions are constantly advancing, and with recordbreaking amounts being invested into the sector across the globe, the industry shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Biotech start-ups are thriving and saw an unprecedented 90% growth compared to 2019. Cutting-edge technologies and products are fighting diseases and providing us with solutions to help reduce our environmental footprint, so it is imperative that we acknowledge the devoted leaders from across the sector. Biotechnology Awards 2023 Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. Carlsberg Group: Excellence Award in Beer Production Research 2023 6. Novel Concepts Medical: Most Pioneering Life Saving Treatments R&D Company 2023 - Middle East 8. MESTASTOP SOLUTIONS PVT LTD: Best Metastasis R&D Specialists 2023 10. ColoPlus AB: Best Therapeutic Fodo Products Developer- Nordics 12. Apollon Health Advisors M IKE: Medical Tourism Company of the Year 2023 14. PRAMOMOLECULAR GmbH: Best Disease-Causing Protein Solutions Developer 2023- Europe 16. Bio-Prodict: Best Mutation Prediction Company 2023 - Western Europe 18. Azzur Group, LLC: Leading innovators in Early-Phrase Biotech Manufacturing 2023 20. TRESTLE Compliance, LLC.: Life Science Commercial Business Compliance Specialists of the Year – USA 21. EUFOREA: Best Allergies & Airways Research NPO 2023 – Europe 22. Thailand Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS): Best Biotechnology Exhibition 2023 – Asia 23. MediMusic Ltd: Best Use of Music & Advanced AI in Mainstream Health 2023 24. Gendius Ltd: Best Metabolic Data Insight Business - North West England 25. SICGEN Antibodies: Best Polyclonal Antibody Production Specialists 2023 26. Algalíf Iceland ehf.: Most Trusted Natural Astaxanthin Products Supplier 2023 27. Diabitys: Best Specialist Medical Labelling Solutions Provider 2023 - UK 28. Lindsay Lifescience: Biomarker Monitoring Innovators of the Year 2023 & Smart Wound Care Product of the Year 2023: PerformexW 29. NetTargets: Most Innovative Drug Discovery Company 2023 - East Asia 30. Altasciences: Best Global CRO/CDMO 2023 31. EderaGen: Most Innovative Gut Health-Focused BioTech Company - Northern Europe 32. Allife Medicine Inc: Best Stem Cell BioTech Company 2023 - China 33. Alodia Pharmaceutical: Best Dermocosmetic Research Services Provider 2023 - Spain 34. SkylineDx: Best Molecular Diagnostics R&D Company - Europe

4 When you think of beer, it’s unlikely that you’d associate it with science. Chances are, you think of the gorgeous fish and chips that you’re going to partner it with, or connect it to a blissful summer’s evening. However, there’s a thought-provoking process behind the art of crafting beer into the delectable tastes that you get to experience whenever you drink it, and none of it is possible without the expertise and advances that Carlsberg has made throughout the years. By marrying creativity with science, Carlsberg has taken huge strides towards curating a perfect blend, and has undeniably mastered the art of creating beer with its application of over a century of hard work and expert brewing. In 1875, Founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen, began to ask himself a seemingly simple question: how do you brew beer of the highest quality? As a result of his desire to craft the best beer possible for a whole range of people to enjoy, Jacobsen established the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. He strove to uncover the chemistry of beer, and how the physiology of the organisms that went into it could be nurtured to cultivate a beer that’s truly special. He dedicated his life to acquiring as much knowledge on brewing as possible, and came to understand just how crucial science could be towards the improvement of Carlsberg’s beer. Once Jacobsen shared his findings with the company, the laboratory gained its profound purpose – to develop beer of the highest quality, and create a model for brewing that could be adapted to appeal to anyone from any country. Now, with a global reach that’s constantly growing, Carlsberg has proven that the core values of its Founder remain to this day, and the research teams will stop at nothing to continue this astonishing innovation for years to come. Jacobsen once said that “In working the breweries it shall be a constant purpose, regardless of immediate profit, to develop the art of making beer to the highest possible degree of perfection in order 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Feb23338 that these breweries and their products may ever stand as ideal models and so, by their examples, assist in keeping the brewing of beer in this country on a high and honourable level”. These ‘Golden Words’ serve as a constant reminder to the brilliant minds at Carlsberg that the pursuit of perfection in beer is never over, and that Carlsberg must represent what it truly means to create the best beer possible for its consumers. As a result, Carlsberg is continually adding to its already keen understanding of how new possibilities can be reached through the art of brewing. It combines brewing with biotechnology to focus on four key areas: raw materials, yeast and fermentation, ingredients and brewing technology, all to keep working towards a scale of excellence that not many beer companies can compete with. Thanks to its avid dedication to its craft, Carlsberg has secured its place as a household name, and is sought after by a whole manner of individuals. Carlsberg, however, remains keenly aware that beer may not suit everyone’s taste. This has led to a tight focus on exploring new ideas, all through using natural ingredients with compatible physiology, to create novel beverages and non-alcoholic alternatives to its renowned formula. Through thorough screening and testing, Carlsberg has been able to experiment with flavours and compounds to introduce a new meaning to the word ‘beer’, in a way that’s appealing to an entirely new kind of audience. For centuries, beer has been heralded as one of the most universally enjoyable drinks, one that can be partnered with any meal to create a unique tasting experience. It’s become a staple of public houses across the globe, and has remained uncontested as the go-to option for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. But there’s a fascinating science history behind the drink that most are unaware of, and we take a look into how Carlsberg Group (Carlsberg) has placed itself at the forefront of quality beer production via its astounding scientific prowess. Excellence Award in Beer Production Research 2023

GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 Throughout its lifespan, Carlsberg has been achieving groundbreaking results thanks to its intense research and drive to provide for as many consumers as possible. From the invention of the pH scale, a utility that has altered the scientific sphere completely, to the founding of pure yeast cultivation, Carlsberg has proven again and again that it endeavors to make an impact. Its discoveries have become instrumental, not only in the brewing industry, but to scientific practises too. Its ambition has driven it to the success it holds today, and yet Carlsberg is still aiming to go even further beyond its established excellence. With a deep consideration for the wellbeing of our environment, Carlsberg has already started implementing the necessary changes it must make in order to truly take care of the world it’s helped to improve. Whether it’s inventing methods of sustainable farming and resourcing, to reducing its water consumption in an aim to become the brewer with the lowest energy and water consumption, Carlsberg has a plan to adapt each of its facilities to align with an eco-friendly business practise. This, combined with its passion and dedication to improving consumer experience and furthering scientific research is what makes Carlsberg a beer company unlike any other. It values the words of its Founder to this day, and upholds the principles that were established centuries ago. Though it’s constantly adapting to current changes in our world and environment, not once has Carlsberg’s quality wavered. Its staff are respected, and its customers are its priority. So long as you can enjoy a beer unlike any other, Carlsberg will continue to do whatever it takes to deliver a beverage to you that’s formed of pure love and dedication. Bottoms up. Contact: Birgitte Skadhauge Company: Carlsberg Group Web Address:

6 as people with background diseases. Being in liquid form and stored at room temperature, the cure is easy to consume and travel with. As well as its research surrounding Covid-19 in the wake of the pandemic, NCM has investigated how it can help people with other conditions. According to the World Health Organisation, there were 55 million people living with dementia around the world in 2022, affecting the lives of many individuals and their families. NCM is proud to have developed a novel formula that has the potential to cure Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, improving speech, communication, mobility, mental state, aggressiveness, dementia-related hallucinations and psychosis, mood, expression of emotion, daily activity, item recognition, sleep disorders, and vitality. To date, the formula has been used to treat four individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and has demonstrated efficacy in all preliminary volunteers with severe and mild dementia, without any side effects. Firstly, NCM’s formula was used to treat an 89-year-old man diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ten years earlier who had been unable to talk for two years. After taking the formula for seven weeks, he demonstrated significant improvement in his cognitive abilities, including speech, mobility, vitality, mood, recognition of loved ones, and interactions with others. Today, two years after this case study, the man is still communicating with his family. A second subject was a lady in her early 80s who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for three years and was unable to Founded in 2020 by Rachel R. Alkalay, Novel Concepts Medical (NCM) is a medical research and development company dedicated to investigating how natural compounds can be used to treat Covid-19 and other serious conditions such as respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity, diabetes, anaemia, and more. NCM has made several pioneering discoveries since its foundation, changing lives for the better in the process. Here, we take a look at the company’s success in creating treatments for Covid-19, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Developing ground-breaking and life-saving cures from science and nature, NCM was the first company in the world to help Covid-19 volunteer patients overcome the virus, resulting in a negative PCR test result after 48 hours. The company was also the first to successfully inhibit in the labs Covid-19, including the Omicron variant, stopping it from binding to or progressing in cells. Lastly, NCM was also the first to treat more than 16 symptoms of Long Covid-19, either reducing them significantly or eliminating them completely in just a few days. No side effects were reported by any of the volunteers involved in these studies. As a result of its fruitful research, NCM has created a 100% natural oral cure for preventing and healing from Covid-19 infection, suitable for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. The cure works by stopping the virus from entering the body’s cells, making it effective as a natural method of preventing infection. It is also effective for stopping the progress of the virus, meaning it can help people recover quickly after infection takes place. Benefits of the cure include the fact that it has minimal side effects at most, usually none at all, making it perfect for people who are wary of the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccinations. NCM’s cure also has the added benefit of being effective against Omicron, which many of the mainstream vaccines are not. Furthermore, it is made only from natural plant-based compounds, making it suitable for vegans and safe for children as well Most Pioneering Life Saving Treatments R&D Company 2023 - Middle East Credit: Venous

GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 communicate much. After taking the formula for three weeks, she became able to talk with her family on a focused subject. Her daughter also noticed that, while she had not previously seemed connected with her surroundings, she became more connected after taking the treatment. She started smiling, asking how her loved ones were and enquiring about her daily plans. Another change was that she stopped speaking about her old address in Tel Aviv and started to focus on her current address in Rishon Le Zion, demonstrating a connection with the present. Her breathing also became better, her mood improved, and she became physically stronger. She was even able to make her own coffee after three years in which was unable to do so. The third subject was another woman in her early 80s who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for four years. She frequently repeated herself and rarely made sense when she spoke. She was also very depressed and said people were watching her. After taking the formula for three weeks her son observed a number of changes, including increased connection with her surroundings, expressing of her feelings, improved mood, sleep problems had stopped, as well as no paranoia and aggression incidences reported. Lastly, the fourth subject was a male who had been diagnosed with mild Alzheimer’s. Before taking the formula, he was very forgetful and was unable to manage his bank account. Afterwards, he showed significant improvement in his focus sleep, and memory. As a result, he stopped forgetting his belongings at shops or home and was able to manage his bank account. His life has returned to their normal routine. No side effects have been reported in any of these case studies. Another illness with devastating consequences for many individuals across the globe is cancer, most commonly breast, lung, prostate, and colon/rectum cancer. According to the World Health Organisation, cancer causes around 10 million deaths per year. In its research, NCM discovered a connection between a treatment which disarms the Covid-19 spike protein and the treatment of cancer cells. Following this discovery, the company was able to create a formula that has been effectively used to treat various forms of cancer. Firstly, NCM’s treatment was used exclusively to help a cancer volunteer patient with basal cell carcinoma and invasive squamous cell carcinoma. After three weeks, it was confirmed that his scans had come back negative, with no metastasis. In another case, the exclusive treatment was used to help a female volunteer in her 50s with breast cancer that had spread to her axillary lymph nodes. Within a few months, the cancer stopped growing and even shrank in size. The patient experienced no side effects and no pain, and she was able to stay in the comfort of her home for the duration of the treatment. From observing her blood tests before and after intervention, NCM also noticed significant improvement in the levels of glucose in her blood, which demonstrates the potential efficacy of the formula in treating diabetes as well as cancer. Lastly, the treatment was used to help a 47-year-old male volunteer diagnosed with colon cancer. The formula improved most of his blood biomarkers, including liver function, alkaline phosphate, and albumin. His tumours decreased in size. In addition, an MRI showed no tumours in his liver during the period he took the formula. The subject reported that during the 21-day period while taking the formula exclusively he felt much better and experienced less tumour pain, could eat again, and could walk five miles a day, which meant the formula was successfully treating the cancer. The subject expressed confidence that the formula helped him, explaining that he knows his body and how it reacts, including when the cancer is active or not. Born in Israel, Rachel R. Alkalay is the incredible mind behind NCM and its life-changing discoveries. Before founding the company, she worked for 20 years as a legal advisor for startups and entrepreneurs in Israel and New York, specialising in the field of patents and intellectual property. She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law at a top university in Israel and has a PhD in Law from Queen Mary University in London, where she has also been lecturing. When the Covid-19 pandemic started, Rachel shifted her focus from her research at Queen Mary’s to creating her own company. Having lost her mother and aunt to cancer, as well as a cousin to diabetes complications and a sudden stroke, Rachel was inspired to research treatments for severe and chronic diseases to help individuals and families get through the hardest times of their lives. She established NCM, investing her own resources and fulltime work in the research and development of plantbased lifesaving cures, aiming to make a positive difference in the medical world while protecting the lives of animals. As a result of the innovative treatments it has produced, curing or minimising the symptoms of many diseases, Novel Concepts Medical has won Most Pioneering Life Saving Treatments R&D Company, Middle East, in the Biotechnology Awards 2023. The company continues to carry out ground-breaking research, as well as planning to sell its first products for sugar in the blood reduction, weight reduction and for memory support as food supplements. Contact: Rachel Alkalay Company: Novel Concepts Medical Web Address: https://www. Credit: Yankale Mazare

8 complexity of metastasis. The technology is primed to assist with novel drug discovery, drug repurposing and profiling current anticancer leads or candidates for their anti-metastatic effect. The first platform, METAssay® dissects metastasis biology into multiple in-vitro phenotypic assays. Each mimics a particular facet of metastasis and is capable of differentiating between growing and moving tumour cells that belong to the same tumour. So far, the platform has succeeded in identifying three drugs already approved for non-cancer indications that influence metastasis. A retrospective clinical study of 100 colorectal cancer patients confirmed their positive effects on patient survival. Mestastop’s second platform, known as METSCAN®, integrates the data generated by METAssay® , normalising it by using actual patient sample data. This process allows for the distribution of adjustments across the steps of metastasis, making them more relevant to the patient’s perspective. By inputting all experimental data into METSCAN® and applying machine learning algorithms, analysis of patient samples against their respective baseline of moving and growing cell phenotypes is made possible. A summative score that indicates the probability of metastasis is then attributed to the patient. METSCAN® has already helped to identify critical steps of metastasis and novel, first-in-class targets which are being validated by genetic engineering. When clinicians are able to begin using METSCAN® as a diagnostic tool, it will enable them to select primary tumour patients with a higher risk of metastasis as the optimum cohort for clinical studies. Biotechnology research and development company, Mestastop Solutions, focuses on addressing the complex issue of metastasis. With the purpose of improving the chances of survival of cancer patients, Mestastop has created three unique technology platforms which have exceeded all expectations. We take a look at the company and its progress to date. According to the World Health Organization, cancer is still the leading cause of death worldwide with around 10 million deaths being attributed to the disease in 2020 alone. Despite the success in treating early detected cancers, there is one issue which accounts for around 90% of cancer deaths – metastasis. In recent decades, the surgery required to remove a cancerous tumour has become much more accessible. For many patients, it’s a relief to find that they are later given a clean bill of health and are free to return to normal life. But of course, we are all too aware that after receiving one cancer diagnosis, the chances of one or more subsequent tumours appearing become much higher. The reasons why, and the likelihood of when tumours would reappear, has left oncologists baffled. But with 5-year survival rates dropping from 80% to less than 30% when a tumour metastasizes, it remains a mystery why the vast majority of cancer drugs are unable to address metastasis. In fact, in 2019, only one of over 215 approved cancer drugs tackled metastasis, leaving patients with a dismal prognosis. One company that aims to change those statistics is Bangalorebased Mestastop Solutions. Founded in 2018 by Arnab Roy Chowdhury,PhD and Debabani Roy Chowdhury,PhD the company set out to find methods by which to identify the key signatures of cancer metastasis. A -post doc of Johnson Hopkins SoM and Harvard Medical School, Dr Arnab Roy Chowdhury began his professional career battling parasites before turning his attention to disease pathophysiology and oncology in 2009. His life partner, Dr Debabani, is an expert in cellular immunology and cell biology and is responsible for 15 scientific publications. As part of its aim to facilitate predictive diagnostic testing and drug discovery, the start-up has launched three technology platforms. These proprietary platforms use both in vitro and in vivo testing along with patient tumour translational validation to unravel the Best Metastasis R&D Specialists 2023

GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 At the moment prospective clinical trials are ongoing. But supervised learning using support vector machine algorithms has given an accuracy of 92.3%. Mestastop’s third platform, METVivo®, is an efficient metastasis animal model platform that speeds up the generation of an animal model for in vivo testing. Mestastop has engineered cancer cells to make them more metastatic, and as a result, liver metastasis for colorectal cancer orthotopic models takes only six weeks. The company predicts that METVivo® will be particularly beneficial to biopharma companies working to identify new drugs to fight metastasis. As well as their primary functions, Mestastop’s proprietary platforms will help to assess the safety of medications that may have an adverse impact on metastasis. The company’s vision is to become the go-to specialist on metastasis. It plans to achieve this by dissecting complex metastasis biology for the first time with special emphasis on the unexplored. Looking to the future, Mestastop’s next mission is to use its proprietary platforms to address novel drug discovery and drug repurposing around metastasis. By identifying more metastasisspecific patterns in primary tumour samples of patients, the team plan to build a predictive algorithm for early metastasis diagnosis. Despite the scientific breakthroughs Mestastop continues to make, the company is still classed as a small biotech. Mestastop counts on the support of collaborators and investors to continue its life-saving research. By promoting the value and potential of METAssay®, METSCAN® and METVivo®, the company aims to demonstrate the value of its mission to potential investors and collaborators in the biotech industry. In Dr Arnab’s words, “At Mestastop we never want to lose sight of the fact that we are talking about real patients and their loved ones. Living with the uncertainty, emotional strain, and financial burden of cancer, is unbearable for millions of patients. That’s why we are working to empower the biopharma industry with these innovative platforms. We can provide tools to delay cancer’s progress. And the exciting news is that this is possible using existing drugs. There is no need to wait a decade for a new drug to come along.” To find out more, or to express your interest, please visit the company website. Contact: Dr Arnab Roy Chowdhury Company: MESTASTOP SOLUTIONS PVT LTD Web Address:

10 Colostrum is a fluid secreted by all mammals in the first few days of lactation after parturition. When secreted by cows, this liquid is referred to as bovine colostrum, which is rich in protein and nutrients beneficial for growth and immunity. It also contains protease inhibitors which prevents it from being degraded by digestion processes. ColoPlus has established a protocol to collect colostrum within 24 hours from parturition. In this way, the company facilitates higher returns for the first cow milk, which otherwise would have gone to waste. The quality of the colostrum is crucial for the therapeutic effects of the product, so it is handled with great care during industrial processing to prevent a distortion of the liquid’s naturally balanced proportions. Through this, the company brings its customers one of the most potent food products available today, ColoPlus IMCARE. Its formulation contains an extensive list of vitamins and minerals, immunoglobulins, and essential amino acids, all contributing to good health and immune system strengthening. The product is consumed orally, so these immunoglobulins remain in the digestive tract, attacking disease-causing organisms that enter the body through food and water. ColoPlus IMCARE also prevents bacteria from attaching to the intestinal wall, effectively preventing intestinal infections. These qualities make the product ideal for individuals with suppressed immune systems caused by medical conditions like cancer and HIV. ColoPlus IMCARE is a dry porridge powder which combines two components, a bioactive factor (bovine colostrum) and a vehicle made of organic particulate matter. The product is easy to prepare by mixing water into porridge. Consuming ColoPlus IMCARE with porridge prolongs the transit of its bioactive ingredients through the gastrointestinal tract, minimising degradation and maximising exposure for antimicrobial action and nutritional absorption. Additional benefits of the consumption in porridge form include 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jan23255 its suitability for people of all ages, religions, and health states, as well as the provision of macronutrients like carbohydrates. Additionally, the powder does not require refrigeration, making it convenient to store. The benefits of ColoPlus IMCARE are clinically proven, backed by studies that have qualified for publication in recognised medical journals. In a 2006 Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology study, ColoPlus treated 30 patients with HIV-associated diarrhoea at the Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital in Nigeria. After four weeks of treatment with ColoPlus, stool evacuations per day were found to be dramatically decreased, self-estimated fatigue reduced, and body weight increased. This suggests that ColoPlus offers an important alternative or additional treatment for HIV-associated diarrhea. To measure the product’s effect on immunity, CD4+ white blood cells were measured. This study observed a 125% increase in CD4+ cell count, demonstrating its potential to strengthen compromised immune systems. In a later study in 2008 which took place in Uganda, the effects of ColoPlus IMCARE on patients with HIV-associated diarrhea were tested again, this time in comparison with a control group of patients only receiving routine anti-diarrhea treatment. In the ColoPlus patients, there was an 83% decrease in daily stool frequency, whereas control patients experienced only a 60% decrease. The ColoPlus patients reached average stool frequency in 7 days, whereas the progress was much slower for control patients, taking about 21 days to achieve normal stool frequency. Self-estimated fatigue was reduced by 85% for patients on ColoPlus compared to 43% for controls during the study period. Patients on ColoPlus were more likely to gain weight than those who did not receive ColoPlus, and there was a 14% increase in the mean CD4+ cell count in patients on ColoPlus in contrast with a 12% decrease in the controls. This study demonstrates the product’s efficacy in treating diarrhea and strengthening the immune system. Later, ColoPlus investigated the effects of its product on the nutritional status and immunological capacity of malnourished HIVinfected children. For four weeks, 50 grams of ColoPlus IMCARE was administered to 850 HIV-positive children in selected health facilities in Northern Uganda. Of these children, 48 were recruited and observed for 12 weeks. Treatment with ColoPlus resulted in a general improvement in the children’s well-being, with their body weight increasing and fatigue decreasing. All the children tolerated ColoPlus well, and no side effects were observed. In the more extended study of 48 children, CD4+ cells were measured across 12 weeks. In the fourth week after their treatment with ColoPlus, there was an increase in CD4+ values in comparison with the first week. By the eighth week, this had decreased somewhat, then returned to 0 values by week 12. Haemoglobin and serum albumin showed a similar trend. This study effectively demonstrated the product’s suitability for children. It showed that the positive effects were prolonged and remained for at least four weeks after the treatment stopped, making it a cost-effective method of increasing immunity. Based in the dynamic Medicon Valley Region of Malmö, Sweden, ColoPlus AB is a research and development company founded by highly respected specialists from Lund University Hospital. The organisation is dedicated to developing therapeutic nutraceutical food products that contain antibodies and growth factors derived from bovine colostrum. Through several studies, ColoPlus has demonstrated the efficacy of its product, ColoPlus IMCARE, in treating HIV-related diarrhea and increasing immunity. Best Therapeutic Food Products Developer - Nordics

GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 Latest plans and novelties: ColoPlus have launched a web shop, in 2022, making it easier to purchase the product from anywhere in the world. As the product became more accessible and visible, ColoPlus discovered an important field where the product could be of a benefit, - sports nutrition. This field will be further developed with scientific studies. A great investment is being made since 2022, to develop new and more convenient distribution forms of the product with same benefits. Bars, is the first innovative solution that will be presented on the market during late 2024, beginning of 2025. In the nearest plans of ColoPlus AB is to establish an official cooperation with humanitarian organisations working in war zones and other places of unrest. Thanks to its innovative product, with extensive research backing its positive effects, ColoPlus AB has won Best Therapeutic Food Products Developer, Nordics, in the Biotechnology Awards 2023. The company continues to carry out ground-breaking research and development within the biotechnology industry, aiming to utilize bovine colostrum to help improve health and immunity in people worldwide. Web Address: Uganda 2008

12 awakening, the patient would recount their dream to a temple priest, who would recommend a treatment based on their interpretation. Today, you can experience the Asclepian medicine practice in the single most important therapeutic centre of the ancient world, the holy site that is the Sanctuary of Asclepius in Epidaurus, Greece. Apollon Health Advisors will guide you through your customised ancient healing process, from catharsis to incubation. The catharsis stage will begin at the Gate in Porto Heli, where you will be cleansed from the inside out using herbs to remove toxins from the body. From here, with a clear mind and body, you will be ready to proceed to incubation, where pure relaxation begins upon entering one of APA’s modern-day Abatons in the form of healing yachts, and bathing in the tranquil swimming temples of Asclepius to help you unwind and slip into restful sleep. You also have the option to stay at its contemporary accommodation designed to provide a luxury, peaceful experience, and when not resting there, you’re invited to sink into a relaxing spa experience for stress relief and rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul. Then, if you like to get out and explore, APA’s advisors have put together a variety of travel routes to familiarise you with the ancient wisdom of Asclepius, including hidden gems to be found on foot and yacht trips. Porto Heli is a summer resort town built around a beautiful natural harbour in the municipality of Ermionida in the south eastern part of Argolis, Greece, and it is situated on the bay of the Argolic Gulf, 6km south of Kranidi and 40 km southeast of Nafplio. Epidaurus is only 55km away, and APA’s Asclepion Medical Centre is in close vicinity to a private airfield, so shuttle flights can transport guests Apollon Health Advisors (AHA) was founded in Greece by medical doctor and scientist, Dr Sven Rohmann to revolutionise the way medical tourism is done. Dubbed by clients as combining “the best of Greece, ancient and new, with the finest of modern lifestyle” and “always keeping the carbon footprint in mind”, we learn more about this “absolutely unique tourism concept” that takes its inspiration from ancient Asclepian medicine. One of the earliest Greek gods to specialise in healing was Asclepius, son of Apollon who was himself a patron god of medicine. Through Apollon, Chiron, the wise and peaceful centaur learned the art of healing and taught it to Asclepius, who became very proficient in medicine. Asclepius went on to have several children including Machaon, Podalirius, and Panacea, who were, too, regarded as highly effective healers. Also among Asclepius’ children was Hygeia, and it was from her name that the word ‘hygiene’ derived. She influenced cleanliness when entering a healing temple, so-called Asclepieion, where patients would first wash completely and change all of their clothes. While in the healing temple, each guest was expected to keep a five-foot distance from one another. Over 300 of these temples have been discovered throughout ancient Greece in secluded locations, one of which is in the Argolid plain of the east Peloponnese area. Signature to Asclepian medicine was a holistic approach to patient care, including the emphasis of therapy through the natural environment, hence the carefully chosen healing temple locations. This enabled complete care of the patient’s psychological and emotional states, activating their innate healing mechanisms and promoting recovery. However, before a patient was considered to be treated in the Asclepieion, they would have to complete two steps. The first was catharsis, or the purification stage, where they would experience a series of baths and other methods of purging such as a clean diet over a series of several days, or expressing their thoughts and feelings through art. The priest of the temple would then give the patient a prayer to ease their mind and create a more positive outlook for them. Second was incubation, or dream therapy, where the patient would sleep in the “Abaton”, a dormitory located in the Asclepieion. Here, they would begin their dream journey, and as they slept, they would be visited by Asclepius or his daughters, Hygeia and Panacea. These dream visitations were analytical in nature, revealing the projected course of the patient’s disease and outcomes. Upon Medical Tourism Company of the Year 2023

GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 straight to its doorstep. Also, it is a three-hour drive from Athens to the location, which can be diverted by a high-speed boat connection at the coast of Attika. As a result of your stay in Porto Heli and treatment provided by APA, you will be left feeling recharged and energetic, with health advisors offering a personalised analysis of your healthcare needs and advice for looking after your health in the future and disease prevention. So, where did APA’s modernisation of Asclepian medicine begin? The company’s roots stem back to 2002 when Dr Sven Rohmann discovered how certain ancient medicines can positively impact one’s immune health. With his world-class expertise in immunology and being a key thought leader for immune health, he found that the deepest resource of old holistic healing wisdom lay in Greek Asclepian medicine. In 2018, Dr Rohmann moved to Greece to study Asclepian medicine intensively, spending time in Epidaurus between 2019 and 2021. Here, he learned ancient healing teachings and how they are compatible with nowadays’ state-of-the-art biotechnological immune health know-how. By the end of 2020, Dr Rohmann had defined how ancient Asclepian medicine can be applied in today’s world to treat the likes of virus infections, cancer, infertility, ageing, stress, and much more. Dr Rohmann has worked in leading positions for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as founded some of the most promising immune-oncology start-up companies. Now, he is an advisor to the highly reputed Karolinska Institute and the German Research Cancer Centre. Ultimately, at AHA, it is believed that good health begins with awareness. This is aided by the digital transformation, enabling access for healthcare providers to a vast and diverse range of technology which enables the enhancement of the care they can offer. From the patient journey perspective, this can include tools for managing health and wellness, screening and detection of health issues, supplementing or even providing therapeutic care, as well as tools and services for improving the effectiveness and durability of their regimen. If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and like the sound of experiencing a modern-day Abaton, get in touch with award-winning Apollon Health Advisors who will tailor your restorative medical journey to your every need and desire. Company: Apollon Health Advisors M IKE Contact: Sven Rohmann Email: [email protected] Website:

14 Small interfering RNA (siRNA) is a class of double-stranded RNA which can regulate the expression of genes by a phenomenon known as RNA interference. In its research, PRAMOMOLECULAR has developed patented technology which utilises covalently linked, lipid-based delivery molecules to transport therapeutic oligonucleotides like siRNAs into the cells of the lungs, heart, and pancreas. This is incredibly useful because specific siRNAs can downregulate specific mRNAs, meaning they can be utilised to ”silence” disease-causing proteins such as mutated or overexpressed proteins. Utilising this ground-breaking technology, PRAMOMOLECULAR is developing its own drug candidates that target disease proteins in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and heart failure. The company aims to further these developments by cooperating with partners in the biotechnology industry in order to license the drug candidates to pharmaceutical companies. PRAMOMOLECULAR also offers its pioneering technology to other developers of therapeutic oligonucleotides for defined areas of application as a license. Co-Founder of PRAMOMOLECULAR, Merle Fuchs, is a molecular biologist who has been supporting innovation and technologyoriented companies since 1997. She has advised more than 550 start-ups in this area and has co-founded seven of her own high-tech start-ups in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, and photonics. Notably, Merle co-founded a company specialising in therapeutic oligonucleotides, so she is highly familiar with the biggest problem facing siRNA drug developers: extrahepatic delivery. Based on this knowledge, Merle was inspired to create a start-up dedicated to addressing this challenge. Supported by a million euro grant from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Merle co-founded PRAMOMOLECULAR with two experienced professionals in siRNA, Ida Shaef, a biological chemist, and Thomas Hiller, a biotechnologist. 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jan23089 Today, the company is among the furthest along in the preclinical development of drug candidates to silence mutated RAS proteins, the most important oncoproteins. Using mouse models, PRAMOMOLECULAR has successfully demonstrated the efficacy of its technology in reducing tumour growth in colon cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. In 2001, the first ever patent application for the Nobel Prize winning technology enabling gene silencing by RNA interference in humans was submitted. However, drugs utilising this technology were not approved until 2018. This is because there were a number of technological issues that needed to be solved first, but investors were hesitant to put their money into risky and unproven technology. Now that siRNA has been shown to be highly effective in curing diseases previously considered “undruggable”, there has been an increase in investment and therefore developments in the field. Despite this progress, there are still a number of issues to be resolved as novel siRNA drugs are developed. One issue is that the large, fragile molecules containing siRNA are rapidly degraded by enzymes when unprotected in the body, making them difficult to deliver to the desired organs. Furthermore, siRNAs have many charged groups. This means it is difficult for them to cross the cell membrane, making the task of delivering them into the desired cells even more complex. To date, efficient delivery systems are only able to introduce them to liver cells, which is why all previously approved siRNA drugs are used to address liver enzymes. PRAMOMOLECULAR has overcome these challenges to develop efficient transport molecules which can deliver siRNA to the cells of the heart, lungs, and pancreas to downregulate pathogenic proteins there. Moving forwards, the company’s most important challenge is the task of gaining clinical approval for its various drug candidates. To achieve this, it is working with highly experienced specialists in pharmacology, CRO, manufacturing and regulatory affairs. In 2023, PRAMOMOLECULAR aims to further expand its PoC database to optimize the first lead candidates for preclinical development to enter clinical trials in 2025. Additionally, the company is targeting the acquisition of grants and venture capital, equating to around €10 million. To seek further opportunity, PRAMOMOLECULAR attends conferences where it presents the findings of its innovative research. Recently, the company attended BioNJ’s BioPartnering Conference, which brought together over 500 life sciences and pharma executives, investors, academic collaborators, and business development professionals. The event aims to encourage innovation by fostering collaborations and partnerships while providing research companies with opportunities for investment. PRAMOMOLECULAR recognises that it is still at a very early stage of development with high development risks. However, with a team of highly experienced specialists behind it, the company believes that its patented platform technology and its broad network of connections will enable it to develop a Founded in 2021, PRAMOMOLECULAR GmbH is a biotechnology research company dedicated to the development of novel gene silencing therapies for the treatment of serious diseases. The company is currently creating a highly innovative class of drugs, utilising siRNA to downregulate disease-causing proteins in the heart, lungs, and pancreas. Through this, PRAMOMOLECULAR aims to provide well-tolerated and effective therapeutics to patients with diseases currently seen as undruggable. Best Disease-Causing Protein Solutions Developer 2023 - Europe

GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 revolutionary pipeline of drug candidates that will safely and efficiently cure diseases. As a result of its innovative patented technology which successfully transports siRNAs into the cells of the heart, lungs, and pancreas to downregulate disease proteins, PRAMOMOLECULAR GmbH has won Best Disease-Causing Protein Solutions Developer, Europe, in the Biotechnology Awards 2023. The company continues to innovate, utilising its ground-breaking technology with the aim of developing a drug for the treatment of serious diseases. Through this, PRAMOMOLECULAR will undoubtedly change the lives of many people and families affected by disease. Contact: Merle Fuchs Company: PRAMOMOLECULAR GmbH Web Address:

16 This extends to being able to detect which proteins are likely to mutate and cause serious illnesses, such as cancer, and can make the process of transferring said data far faster and more efficient than it ever has been. This further ensures that the vast information and data that accompanies proteins can be deconstructed, all through a platform that’s user-friendly and incredibly adaptable. Being able to assess data relating to protein superfamilies is practically impossible to accomplish by hand, but some may be unsure how to effectively utilise such an advanced AI system like 3DM. Luckily, Bio-Prodict has ensured that, not only is the program easy to navigate through its handy search features, but its level of interactivity makes it ideal for new users to pick up and learn without any prior training. That being said, Bio-Prodict offers a range of courses to better enhance the user experience, and highly recommends new clients make use of these courses to truly get the most out of the astounding tools and interfaces that 3DM has to offer. These courses allow new users to solve real protein engineering, homology modelling and drug problems, therefore serving to express just a mere portion of 3DM’s capabilities. Course participants will also observe different types of protein superfamily data, so they can learn how to use and extract relations from said data. And, if you find yourself struggling at any point, Bio-Prodict is more than happy to assist. It recognises the necessity of a platform like 3DM, and will tirelessly work to ensure that it’s utilised as much as possible. With the future of databasing depending on the deployment of 3DM to understand proteins on a far deeper level, Bio-Prodict has crafted every measure to make 3DM as streamlined to access as possible. 3DM truly is a revolutionary piece of database software that is already taking the biotechnology world by storm. Its prediction capabilities are second to none, and its features enable an ease of use that one wouldn’t typically expect from such an enhanced interface. Users can make selections within the database and convert it into 3D structures to visualise alignments more clearly, and will adapt itself to an interactive format so you can simulate mutations that’ll reflect functional relations. Simply put, Bio-Prodict is at the forefront of change within the protein data sphere. Its dedication to streamlining the process of comprehending even the most complex protein data puts it a step above the rest, and it’s constantly evolving to eliminate the hardships that manual data handling creates. Bio-Prodict is transfiguring protein databases for the better, and is making a change that’ll last us a lifetime. Contact: Henk Jan Joosten Company: Bio-Prodict Web Address: The human body is comprised of more proteins than most of us could ever count. But with this abundance of proteins, we found ourselves in a position where, if a mutation occurs, it can take an astonishing amount of time to pinpoint where abouts the development has emerged. By hand, it’s a near-impossible feat. However, with Bio-Prodict’s revolutionary 3DM database, accuracy in protein analysis has never been so streamlined. Logging protein data by hand has been proven to be an incredibly tedious process, despite its necessity. With the hundreds of thousands of proteins that exist within our bodies alone, keeping track of how they each interact and adapt can pose a challenge to even the most adept analytical department. Bio-Prodict recognised this inconvenience and promptly began its mission – to create a sound solution to protein databasing that would revolutionise the process of logging and understanding how proteins can, and will, function. Through combining state-of -the-art analysis methods and visualisation tools, Bio-Prodict has been able to adapt a custombuilt information system for protein superfamilies. Its novel approach to data mining, storage and the analysis of protein data has resulted in an all-new database that has already proven to be an invaluable instrument in understanding the complex nature of protein superfamilies. This database is the aforementioned 3DM. Thanks to a team equipped with years of experience in software design, structural biology, and analysis of protein superfamily data, Bio-Prodict has established itself as the go-to choice for anyone wanting to understand proteins on a more fundamental basis. If you’re looking to discover the complex ins and outs of the proteins that serve as our composition, Bio-Prodict has crafted the best possible database for the job. This award-winning system serves as an effective and efficient protein management program, with its utilities spanning a plethora of data-gathering tactics. 3DM serves as the biggest advancement in protein management and databasing in the past decade. With its ability to integrate protein superfamily data into its platform and act as an information system, it’s able to collect and combine data to make the storing process far easier for its users. It’s designed to facilitate the exploration of sequence-structure-function relations via its intuitive simulation processes. It can recognise how a protein may react to a mutation, and what results could come from any developments. Best Mutation Prediction Company 2023 - Western Europe