Biotechnology Awards 2023

16 This extends to being able to detect which proteins are likely to mutate and cause serious illnesses, such as cancer, and can make the process of transferring said data far faster and more efficient than it ever has been. This further ensures that the vast information and data that accompanies proteins can be deconstructed, all through a platform that’s user-friendly and incredibly adaptable. Being able to assess data relating to protein superfamilies is practically impossible to accomplish by hand, but some may be unsure how to effectively utilise such an advanced AI system like 3DM. Luckily, Bio-Prodict has ensured that, not only is the program easy to navigate through its handy search features, but its level of interactivity makes it ideal for new users to pick up and learn without any prior training. That being said, Bio-Prodict offers a range of courses to better enhance the user experience, and highly recommends new clients make use of these courses to truly get the most out of the astounding tools and interfaces that 3DM has to offer. These courses allow new users to solve real protein engineering, homology modelling and drug problems, therefore serving to express just a mere portion of 3DM’s capabilities. Course participants will also observe different types of protein superfamily data, so they can learn how to use and extract relations from said data. And, if you find yourself struggling at any point, Bio-Prodict is more than happy to assist. It recognises the necessity of a platform like 3DM, and will tirelessly work to ensure that it’s utilised as much as possible. With the future of databasing depending on the deployment of 3DM to understand proteins on a far deeper level, Bio-Prodict has crafted every measure to make 3DM as streamlined to access as possible. 3DM truly is a revolutionary piece of database software that is already taking the biotechnology world by storm. Its prediction capabilities are second to none, and its features enable an ease of use that one wouldn’t typically expect from such an enhanced interface. Users can make selections within the database and convert it into 3D structures to visualise alignments more clearly, and will adapt itself to an interactive format so you can simulate mutations that’ll reflect functional relations. Simply put, Bio-Prodict is at the forefront of change within the protein data sphere. Its dedication to streamlining the process of comprehending even the most complex protein data puts it a step above the rest, and it’s constantly evolving to eliminate the hardships that manual data handling creates. Bio-Prodict is transfiguring protein databases for the better, and is making a change that’ll last us a lifetime. Contact: Henk Jan Joosten Company: Bio-Prodict Web Address: The human body is comprised of more proteins than most of us could ever count. But with this abundance of proteins, we found ourselves in a position where, if a mutation occurs, it can take an astonishing amount of time to pinpoint where abouts the development has emerged. By hand, it’s a near-impossible feat. However, with Bio-Prodict’s revolutionary 3DM database, accuracy in protein analysis has never been so streamlined. Logging protein data by hand has been proven to be an incredibly tedious process, despite its necessity. With the hundreds of thousands of proteins that exist within our bodies alone, keeping track of how they each interact and adapt can pose a challenge to even the most adept analytical department. Bio-Prodict recognised this inconvenience and promptly began its mission – to create a sound solution to protein databasing that would revolutionise the process of logging and understanding how proteins can, and will, function. Through combining state-of -the-art analysis methods and visualisation tools, Bio-Prodict has been able to adapt a custombuilt information system for protein superfamilies. Its novel approach to data mining, storage and the analysis of protein data has resulted in an all-new database that has already proven to be an invaluable instrument in understanding the complex nature of protein superfamilies. This database is the aforementioned 3DM. Thanks to a team equipped with years of experience in software design, structural biology, and analysis of protein superfamily data, Bio-Prodict has established itself as the go-to choice for anyone wanting to understand proteins on a more fundamental basis. If you’re looking to discover the complex ins and outs of the proteins that serve as our composition, Bio-Prodict has crafted the best possible database for the job. This award-winning system serves as an effective and efficient protein management program, with its utilities spanning a plethora of data-gathering tactics. 3DM serves as the biggest advancement in protein management and databasing in the past decade. With its ability to integrate protein superfamily data into its platform and act as an information system, it’s able to collect and combine data to make the storing process far easier for its users. It’s designed to facilitate the exploration of sequence-structure-function relations via its intuitive simulation processes. It can recognise how a protein may react to a mutation, and what results could come from any developments. Best Mutation Prediction Company 2023 - Western Europe