Biotechnology Awards 2023

27 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 For some people, having diabetes can be an anxiety-inducing condition. If you’re Type 1 diabetic and need utilities to assist with monitoring your glucose, or require an insulin pen, sometimes the sterile nature of the equipment can cause all sorts of insecurities in a social setting. Especially for children, where self-expression during development is everything, having impersonalised medical devices can have detrimental effects on their confidence. Thankfully, Diabitys understands this more than anyone, and Heather McPhee has made it her goal to make diabetes pretty for everyone. Founded in 2019 and owned by Heather McPhee, Diabitys started as a mother’s solution to her daughter’s diabetes-related anxieties. When Heather’s daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 12 years old, she immediately began to display insecurities surrounding all of the devices that came with her diagnosis of this condition. So much so that Heather noticed a prominent difference in her daughter’s behaviour – a difference that she wanted to amend as best she could. Not looking to cultivate a business from it at first, Heather created customisable stickers for her daughter’s glucose monitor, insulin pen, and libre sensor through her talent and innovation alone. But, when she noticed a drastic surge of confidence in her daughter after adding a personal touch to her equipment, Heather started to wonder if more people could be feeling the same as her daughter had. Were others suffering from anxiety and social avoidance due to the sterile nature of their medical devices? This is how Diabitys came to be – a crafty, creative solution for anyone experiencing negative attachments to their diabetes equipment. What makes Diabitys truly special is that it’s run by Heather herself. Working on her own, with the occasional helping hand being extended by her husband and children, Heather creates a myriad of products for all sorts of uses. From stickers to personalise your diabetes devices, to bracelets and watch straps alerting others of your requirements, Heather has taken every aspect into consideration to make diabetes as pretty as possible. She dedicates everything to making others find their confidence again, and is touched by the overwhelming positivity that her selflessness has gathered since Diabitys’ inception. Despite operating as a one-woman band for the most part, that hasn’t hindered the progress of Heather’s business. Diabitys has both an online store, as well as an Etsy store, and has an extensive Best Specialist Medical Labelling Solutions Provider 2023 - UK Jan23401 collection of five-star reviews, with most expressing how impressed they are with the quality of the products and services. So, though Heather spends her time working on Diabitys by herself, the quality of her products has never once been sacrificed in order to keep up with the demand. Heather is devoted to raising the confidence of diabetic children and adults alike, and believes that everyone deserves to embrace their condition, and not express shame for the devices that partner it. At its core, Diabitys is a passion project founded by a mother who wanted to make her daughter happy. However, through this small act of love, Heather has proceeded to spread her kindness across the globe. No matter your age, Diabitys has something for everyone diagnosed with diabetes, and has complied beautiful designs to personalise your devices. Even though technology is constantly developing, Heather is doing her best to stay at the forefront of progress, and will do anything it takes to help diabetic people feel comfortable in their own skin again. Nobody makes diabetes quite as pretty as Diabitys. Contact: Heather McPhee Company: Diabitys Web Address: