Biotechnology Awards 2023

28 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been more concerned with their wellbeing than ever before. You want to ensure that you’re as healthy as possible, but how can you guarantee that warning signs are never missed? Is it truly possible to track the way your body responds to indicators with only a little extra help? This is exactly what Lindsay Lifescience strives to introduce to its clients. As a biotech company that’s developing solutions to save lives and ensure an unmatched quality of health, Lindsay Lifesciences is stepping into a new era for point of care devices. When our bodies are in peril, or at risk of falling into an unfavourable state, biomarkers appear as indicators to warn of the oncoming issues. These biomarkers can be monitored, but it’s difficult to do so on a constant basis. Thankfully, Lindsay Lifescience is working tirelessly to make the state of your health its top priority. Its team of highly motivated scientists are devoted to ensuring that you can live your life to the fullest, without having to worry about your quality of health dipping. As a result, Lindsay Lifescience has developed its patented, flagship product, the VERVTRAS Smartpatch. VERVTRAS makes monitoring your biomarkers far easier. As an expertly crafted Smartpatch, VERVTRAS is able to keep a constant eye on your health and wellbeing via its biomarker detection capabilities. This way, it can identify issues in your body before they develop into problems, and can even help you gauge how your body may respond if treatment is required. Never again will you need to worry about being unsure of the state of your health – thanks to VERVTRAS, you’ll have full access to any potential problems, and will be granted the chance to observe them 24/7. With a multitude of extensions to the technology, and far-reaching applications that include tests for well characterized biomarkers, VERVTRAS has opened the doorway for a more complex biomarker monitoring patch than anything the industry has seen thus far. With the first of its VERVTRAS Smartpatches being able to identify cardiac biomarkers, CARDIOVERV has already proven itself to be an effective method of detecting when the heart is damaged or stressed. As a result, users are able to seek assistance before the problem deteriorates, enabling a higher chance of receiving a diagnosis in plenty of time. In addition to its CARDIOVERV Smartpatches, Lindsay Lifescience has also founded biomarker detectors for a multitude of other utilisations. From CANVERV, a detector for the unique patterns that partner cancerous biomarkers, to TROPVERV and BIOVERV, which identify tropical diseases and biological agents respectively, Lindsay Lifescience has cracked the code on what it means to effectively and efficiently utilise its VERVTRAS Smartpatches for your health’s benefit. If you’re looking to optimise your wellbeing and ensure that you can be on top of your body’s processes, Lindsay Lifesciences has developed the most effective biomarker monitoring solution yet. So, you can go about your life knowing that, if anything’s about to go wrong, VERVTRAS Smartpatch technology can ensure you never miss a beat. Contact: Marc Lindsay Company: Lindsay Lifescience Web Address: Biomarker Monitoring Innovators of the Year 2023 & Smart Wound Care Product of the Year 2023: PerformexW Feb23240